What have you done recently that's been exciting?

Date: 14th Jul 2016 @ 2:44pm

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snoopys wrote:

recently i have had a barbecue for my cousin Bobby`s birthday!


Captain Lewis wrote:

Maths and the Egyptians

snoopy wrote:

fun things


Daisy wrote:


Daisy(from offley) wrote:

Hi everyone

$€¥(dan) wrote:

I liked learning about Egyptians

Apple blossom (amelia) wrote:

me too I liked making the flat bread it had cheese and garlic inside and when I pulled it arpart it made a smile

Funnyducky123 wrote:

I enjoyed making flatbread too

Squashedjellybeans wrote:

Hi friends,I am bored.😤

Apple blossom wrote:

I went to the awards evening last night and I got my reward for teamwork and tolerance. Tonight I went shopping for Shopkins 🙂👛🌞🍰

Jensen wrote:

By the way that was me

Fun wrote:


Bailey wrote:

I got a new scooter it is a air surfer and it has a spinning wheel. It's really cool

Funnyducky123 wrote:

We have written stories in school about a girl and a robot

Funnyducky123 wrote:

I have had a BBQ too last night(Friday)

Keaton wrote:


Apple blossom wrote:

I'm going to Centre parks in the holidays

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