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My name is Mrs Meyer and I have been at Offley for 19 years. I have been teaching for 2 years in Hertfordshire and then here in Cheshire. I am currently the MFL coordinator here at Offley and also have responsibility for SMSC (Social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning.), Rights Respecting Schools and global learning.I have taught in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 during my time at Offley.  I live with my husband and three children on the Wirral and love walking my dog along the beach near my house.


Here is a bit of information about 1LM.


PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday so please ensure PE kits are in for those days. There is a timetable on here so that  you can see what we are doing. (We have put a slot for ICT although we will be using ICT as and when is appropriate through all areas )


Reading books -Children are asked each morning to place their planners and books in the basket IF they need to change their book. They are then given time during the day to go and change their books. They are also given the opportunity and asked in a small group after their guided reading session. Some children do change their books every day but others don't seem to be doing so. Thank you to the parents who have sent their child back in at the end of the day or have come to us to say they haven't changed  it. It is much easier for us to remind your child if you have asked us as we don't have time to collect in and go through 30 planners every day. 


Happy new year!

It was lovely to see the children again after the Christmas holiday, all refreshed and ready for some more learning. Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas presents from the children, it was very kind of you all.

Our topic this term, chosen by the children, is the Jungle. We will be looking at where is the world are jungles and rainforests, what animals live there and what it is like to live in the jungle.

In maths this week we have been looking measures, length. The children have been comparing the different lengths of objects and then using non standard measures to see how long they are. After measuring we put them in order from shortest to longest. We used paper clips and multi link to measure the objects and then moved onto our hands and feet.

In English we started to read Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. This story is set in a jungle and we used the pictures to help us imagine what it would be like there. We started story mapping Monkey Puzzle and having a practise at the actions to help us remember the story.


In project work we looked at where is the world are jungles are. We discovered that they are in warm parts of the world near the equator. We found them on a map in South America, Africa and Asia and we remembered them because the all begin with ‘A’.

In Science this week we have been starting to look at our topic on humans and animals. We talked about the different parts of our bodies and labelled a picture of ourselves with the key words. We talked about what we use the different body parts for and how they help us.


In PE we have started our athletics work. We worked in teams to practise our running skills and used stopwatches to time how quick we were at moving around the space.


In computing we were very excited to be able to go into the new computer area to do our work. We learnt how to create pictures on the computer and these pictures are for our jungle topic, so we were drawing tigers, monkeys and other animals that you would find in the jungle.


Well done 1LM, a super week with lots of hard work. Have a lovely weekend.




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