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Miss Barlow


Welcome to 1SB!

My name is Miss Barlow and I have been a part of the Offley team since 2015. I have previously worked with the fabulous Early Years team as a teaching assistant and then completed my teacher training at Offley working alongside the lovely children and members of staff in Year 2. In my spare time I enjoy walking, running and camping. Over the last couple of years I have conquered Fairfield horseshoe, Black Mountain range, Snowdonia and Ben Nevis; this year I am extremely looking forward to tackling Helvellyn! 



PE Kits
In 1SB we have PE on a Monday and a Thursday. The children will need a pair of black shorts, a white t-shirt and a pair of black pumps. 

Summer holiday photos 
The children have been eager to tell me about their summer holidays and about all of the different places that they have ventured. We would love to have any photos (these can be photocopied and returned) of the children visiting places both in the UK and Worldwide for the 'Our World' display in our classroom. 

On Friday's the children will be given a list of spellings to practice at home that will be based around what they have been learning in phonics. The spelling test will then take place on the following Friday. 
Recap of tricky words:
List 1: the no go to into 
List 2: the said are was to
List 3: the today said are were was they there he she 

OUR WEEK 05/06/2017

In Maths we have been focusing on ‘grouping’ objects and the children have been explaining how they have grouped these objects for example by colour, size or other similar characteristics. We have explored how many different objects can be grouped in a number of ways!


In English we have been using our class text ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’. This week we have focused on making predictions. Our class text was a mystery to the children for the majority of this week. Each day the children explored a new piece of information and made predictions about who the characters were, the setting of the story and what problems could the characters be facing. Their ideas were absolutely fantastic! We have also been focusing on using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.

In Science the children have been exploring their senses; focusing on our hearing and smelling. The children were encouraged to use their hearing to distinguish which musical instruments were being played underneath a cover. This week the children have also created a smell log! Firstly, the children made predictions about what they think they would be able to smell outside. Then, the children went outside and wrote down all of the things that they could smell categorising them into smells which they liked and disliked.    

In Music we have been exploring ‘spooky’ sounds by using our voices and musical instruments. At first we made a conscious alley and the class worked as a team to create an alley that would make anyone feel scared! The children were very brave and made their way through our spooky alley. The children then worked in team to create a spooky tune.

Throughout this week the children have also been categorising lower case letters and upper case letters for their name writing and their English skills. Over the next few weeks we will be having a focus on using capital letters for names within our writing.

The classroom is also looking ‘spooktacular’ thanks to all of the children’s super hard work!

During golden time we also had a special visitor in our outdoor area! ... Look closely and  you may be able to find him.


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