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Welcome to 1SB!

My name is Miss Barlow and I have been a part of the Offley team since 2015. I have previously worked with the fabulous Early Years team as a teaching assistant and then completed my teacher training at Offley working alongside the lovely children and members of staff in Year 2. In my spare time I enjoy walking, running and camping. Over the last couple of years I have conquered Fairfield horseshoe, Black Mountain range, Snowdonia and Ben Nevis; this year I am extremely looking forward to tackling Helvellyn! 

** THURSDAY 22ND MARCH 1SB CLASS ASSEMBLY. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED A COSTUME. Children to come into school wearing their costume and their uniform in a bag to get changed into after the assembly. If you don’t have any, a striped top, black clothes and a DIY hat would also be perfect too!


 A few cardigans/jumpers have gone walkabouts since the start of this year; please check the labels on the cardigans/jumpers that have been brought home just incase any have been picked up by mistake. Thank you!

PE Kits
In 1SB we have PE on a Monday and a Thursday. The children will need a pair of black shorts, a white t-shirt and a pair of black pumps. [*Starting on the 18th January we will be having cricket outside. Please can the children bring in warm outdoor PE clothes such as long trousers and trainers. A text will be going on next week as a reminder]. 

Mystery reader
In 1SB we would love to start inviting mystery readers on a Wednesday afternoon at approximately 2:45. As a mystery reader you can bring a book from home; possibly a favourite of yours and you can share this book with the children! The mystery reader is kept a secret from the children and we like to have a big reveal after you enter the classroom. If you would like to be a mystery reader please let me know and book a slot!

Thankyou to all of our mystery readers so far! The children love it!

Reading Books
During guided reading time the children are given time to change their books if it is needed. Children receive a red book sticker if they read 4 times a week! If they have enough stickers by the end of the term they get to attend the reading challenge treat!

A few weeks ago the children received a username and login for Prodigy. It is an online game which encourages the children to practice their maths skills. It will ask you to log in and then set up a character and play the game! The questions that are answered both correctly and incorrectly will guage any further questions.


This week we have had an incredibly exciting SCIENCE WEEK! We have had lots of visitors and carried out many different activities. We have been learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, the different classifications of animals, the dogs trust, finger printing, experiments, virtualali-TEE and much more!

In science this week something crash landed in school! We based this discovery around an experiment that the whole school has participated in. The children worked in small groups to plan and design a device that would safely transport eggs to the ground. We had a class vote for our favourite design and this one was entered into the whole school competition!

 This week in English we have been finalising our recount writing. The children have been writing about the trip to the Sea Life Centre and all of the various parts that they enjoyed and what they learned on the trip. We have been focusing on time connectives, sentence structures, punctuation and order of events.  

This week in maths we have been continuing to count in tens and ones. We have been learning how to count quicker by counting in tens and then ones. The children have also been splitting numbers into tens and ones.  

Next week we will be looking at poetry and rhyme in English. In maths we will be looking at solving word problems and missing number problems.

It is also our class assembly on Thursday – straight after drop off! Please let me know if you need a costume J



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