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Ms Jones

Welcome to 2HJ’s Class Page!

Autumn Term - 2020

We look forward to welcoming you all back to school on Wednesday 2nd September.


Our topic this term is 'Enchanted Forests.' Our big question is:

Remember that you have 2 teachers in 2HJ - Mrs Harrop for Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Jones for the rest of the week. 

Mrs Harrop

I have worked at Offley for about 17 years. I have mainly been in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3, but have had the opportunity to teach in all year groups for a couple of terms too.  I live  in Scholar Green with my husband and our 2 little girls. One of my daughters is just starting Year 2 like you and the other has another year left at pre-school. We have a Lhasa Apso dog called Harley who is always up to mischief and taking himself on little adventures and is quite well known where I live, and 6 chickens.   We designed and built our own house and it is an ongoing project that we are very excited about and enjoy doing. We love to go out for walks and hide and find painted stones, especially love visiting the seaside for days out and spending time with our family and friends...when we can. I love most food and drink but particularly love any kind of fruit, a bowl of ice cream, garlic, halloumi and a cup of real coffee!

Mrs Jones

I have been teaching now for 11 years. I have been at Offley for 5 years. I have mainly taught years 1 and 2, but have also done Year 4. I live in Congleton with my husband and my two little boys (Jack and Tyler). We also have a dog called Barney so our house is a very busy household! In my spare time I take part in Amateur Dramatic shows down at the Daneside Theatre in Congleton. I also enjoy going skiing with my family and spending time with family and friends. 

We know that some of you will not have been away from school for some time and that you may be a little nervous about coming back. That is totally normal - us teachers feel like that too!  It has been a very strange time for everybody. Together we will work through this and we will all work as a team to help each other!  We will spend the first few days getting to know each other and getting used to some of the new rules and routines in school.Thank you for your journal pages, they have really helped us to get to know you all a little bit better and we have them up on our windows for you all to see. We hope that you liked our videos about us and can remember at least 1 thing about each of us!?

When we go back to school we know that you might have forgotten one or two things or missed out when school was closed due to lockdown. For this reason we will start off by completing some catch up work and reading a different story before we get started on Troll Swap. We will start with a story called Look Up!

Our main text for the first half term will then be Troll Swap. This is book is so much fun to read and lots of our learning will be based on this story.

We are lucky to have Mrs Carlidge and Mrs Green supporting in our room at different times during the week as well as Mrs Clarkson who will cover our PPA sessions and teach Music and P.E. 

A few reminders: Your PE kit will stay in school and come home at half term for a wash. You will need to bring your own clean water bottle to school with you every day. If you want to have a snack please bring a healthy snack from home as the snack trolley will not be available. Please could we also ask that book bags or small bags come in and no big rucksacks - there is just no space and they all end up on the floor being trampled on.

We are looking forward to being in school and getting to know you and would love to see happy smiles coming through our door and leaving each day. 

Mrs Harrop and Mrs Jones 


Week 3


In English we have been thinking about plural words. We now understand that the word plural means more than one. We know that to make a word plural we simply add ‘s’. However, we also know that some words try to trick us! If words end in- s, ss, ch,, x or z we add ‘es’. We wrote a list of things you need to make a rocket using plurals where needed and then we turned the list into instructions using ‘and’ to join our ideas.

We have read more of the story ‘LOOK UP!’ We have thought about what astronauts eat in space and also what they might enjoy eating once they return to Earth. We created a menu of what they would like to eat- thinking about plural words as well as using ‘and’. The children had some interesting ideas for starters!!!

Towards the end of the week we started thinking about poetry. We created a class poem example-

‘Look up and what do you see?

Do you see twinkling stars soaring through the night sky?

Can you see astronauts floating through space?’

The children then came up with their own versions and performed them at the end of the week.


Guided Reading

In Guided Reading this week we have been reading the story of ‘The Trolls’. The children have been reading the story and also using inference to describe the pictures and what they think is happening, will happen next and also discussing the characters feelings and using the pictures to explain their reasoning.



In maths, we have been thinking more about tens and ones, using partitioning, part part whole, bar models  and also using tens frames to help us to solve addition and subtraction problems. We have been really focussing on securing our knowledge of tens and ones. Especially in understanding the value of the digits, for example that the 1 in ‘16’ is 1 ten. We have completed missing number calculations, and challenged the children by giving them calculations where they answer is at the start e.g. 65 = ? + 5   or 72 = 70 + 2.  We are getting them used to the ‘=’ sign being known as ‘the same as’.  Also, we are getting the children to recognise that  50 + 2 = 52 and we can switch it so 2 + 50 = 52  and not 25!





In science, we have been on a mini beast hunt around the grounds of the school. We have been matching animals to their habitats and looked at microhabitats. We completed a table of what we found, including- lots of wasps, flies and spiders. We enjoyed seeing two baby squirrels in the wild area who were seemed to enjoy the children’s company!! You may enjoy hunting for things at home in the garden or whilst out on a walk. We would love to hear what you find!


In French, we have been learning the names of fruit.



In Geography, we looked at what maps are and compass point and how to remember NESW. Then we went outside to follow directions using our compasses.


In PE, we had lots of fun practising our jumping skills. We learnt how it is important to land a jump with soft knees. We practised jumping with two feet up and down the ladders, snake and hopscotch on the playground. We then practised jumping sideways over a line. We also had fun running and jumping over hurdles. Even Mrs Jones and Mrs Green joined in!



In Art this week we have been learning about portraits and what they are. We looked at and described some interesting portraits, some of which were created by famous artists such as Van Gogh, We then created a scrapbook of our favourite portraits.


We read ‘In my heart’ a book about feelings and then thought about describing how our hearts feel when we feel particular emotions. The children thought of some particularly lovely ideas. Leo suggested that and angry heart was like a lego model being broken.  Lilian thought an angry heart was like an explosion. Sophia thought a calm heart was like swinging in a swing without a sound. And someone else ...(sorry I cant remember who) thought a happy heart was swinging on a hammock in the sunshine and a happy heart was like a rainbow whooshing through the sky.



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