2HJ 2019 - 2020

Mrs Harrop

Ms Jones

Welcome to Year 2! 2019-20

Our first theme is Enchanted Forests!

This is the book that we will be basing our literacy on during the first half term...

and we will follow on after half term with this text...



Remember that you have 2 teachers in 2HJ - Mrs Harrop for Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Jones for the rest of the week. 

If you have any questions or concerns, no matter how big or small, come and see one of us after school. (If it is really quick then mornings are fine but we are usually busy rushing around then and can spend more time with you after school!)

Our timetable is mostly the same each week although we will swap and change sometimes. To keep it easy for you at home, PE is ALWAYS going to be on a Monday and Friday afternoon so please ensure PE kits are in school BOTH of these days. (Just leave it all term if you can!)

Please name ALL clothes - yes even socks - you would be surprised  where socks can end up! 

Remember a water bottle everyday, and  a snack or snack money if you wish, but we always have a bowl of fruit on offer too for playtime so please don't worry!



Mrs Harrop

I have worked at Offley for about 15 years. I have mainly been in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3, but have had the opportunity to teach in all year groups for a couple of terms too.  I live  in Scholar Green with my husband, 2 little girls and our Lhasa Apso dog called Harley who is always up to mischief and taking himself on little adventures!  We designed and built our own house and it is an ongoing project that we are very excited about and enjoy doing. We love to go out for walks, especially love visiting the seaside for days out  and spending time with our famiy and friends. 


Mrs Jones

I have been teaching now for 10 years. I have been at Offley for 4 years. I have mainly taught years 1 and 2, but have also done Year 4. I live in Congleton with my husband and my two little boys (Jack and Tyler). We also have a dog called Barney so our house is a very busy household! In my spare time I take part in Amateur Dramatic shows down at the Daneside Theatre in Congleton. I also enjoy going skiing with my family and spending time with family and friends. 


We have been looking at facts about owls and using these to write sentences using conjunctions ‘but’, ‘and’ and ‘or’.  We have also linked to the story ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’ and thought about what we can see in the sky in the daytime and the night time. We have used our knowledge of commas in a list to write sentences about what we can see in the day and night time as well as linking our ideas with the conjunction ‘or’.

For example:

In the day time you can see fluffy clouds, airplanes and the beaming sun or if you are lucky you may see a colourful rainbow.



In maths we used facts from the 5 x table to solve problems about groups of 5.

For example:



We then learnt about the distributive law of mulitiplication. We completed a pattern challenge where we gave 2 shapes a value and used our knowledge of x tables and addition to solve the total value of the picture. We then completed questions such as 2 x 5 + 3 =

We learnt the STEM sentence-

When there is x and + in an equation, always complete x first.


In Science this week we have started a new investigation. We have thought about what how different animals are suited to their habitats, in particular how they stay warm. We have learnt about polar bears and the types of fur they have and how this helps them to stay warm as well as their thick layer of blubber. We then designed our own ‘blubber gloves’ to test which materials would insulate the gloves the most when put in ice cold water.



In Geography we did digimapping and labelled human and physical features onto a map of Sandbach.




This week we have planned and designed our wells for our Enchanted Forests. We listed in order of importance things that we wanted our well to do. We then drew our design thinking about what materials we would use to allow our wells to work.



In PBL this week we have focussed on our stories that we are going to be doing our Vlog on. We have read our stories and completed a graphic organiser to make notes on the main points in the story. For example, the main characters, where to story is set and what the main plot is.  


In RE this week we have thought about how the other characters felt the night Jesus was born. We thought about vocabulary to describe how the shepherds felt and the wise men. We then discussed what was exciting about the night Jesus was born and then compared that to what we find exciting about Christmas these days. It was lovely to hear that our children enjoy ‘spending time with family’.


Children in Need

On Friday we came into school in our sportswear and completed the Joe Wicks ‘Big Move’ challenge. We loved joining in with other schools around the UK to complete the work out. We have also looked into the history of Children in Need and why we donate to this charity.


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