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My name is Mrs Meyer and I have been at Offley for 18 years. I have been teaching for 2 years in Hertfordshire and then here in Cheshire. I am currently the acting Key Stage 1 leader as well as  the Religious Education coordinator here at Offley and also have responsibility for SMSC (Social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning.), Rights Respecting Schools and global learning.I have taught in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 during my time at Offley.  I live with my husband and three children on the Wirral and love walking my dog along the beach near my house.


Here is a bit of information about 2LM.


PE will be on a Tuesday and Friday so please ensure PE kits are in for those days. There is a timetable on here so that  you can see what we are doing. (We have put a slot for ICT although we will be using ICT as and when is appropriate through all areas )


Reading books -Children are asked each morning to place their planners and books in the basket IF they need to change their book. They are then given time during the day to go and change their books. They are also given the opportunity and asked in a small group after their guided reading session. Some children do change their books every day but others don't seem to be doing so. Thank you to the parents who have sent their child back in at the end of the day or have come to us to say they haven't changed  it. It is much easier for us to remind your child if you have asked us as we don't have time to collect in and go through 30 planners every day. 




Our week in 2LM



All of the children have had such a super week - I am so proud of them all.

Here is a little bit about what we have been doing this week.



We have been looking at shapes this week and in particular their properties and also their lines of symmetry. We have named the 2D shapes and sorted them. We learned that any shape with more than 3 closed sides is a polygon. I wonder if any of the children can identify polygons around the house.



In English we have been continuing with our story on The Journey. We moved onto the part of the story where the character draws a door on the bedroom wall and suddenly she is transported to a different place. In the story the character goes to the woods but we worked together to think of different places that she could go. We had Jurassic world, the farm, a castle and Disneyland.

Science week

The children have had a super time with the different science activities that have been going on all week. We had a visit fron Dog's trust and learned all about the different senses. The children were fascinated with how good a dog's sense of smell is and we learned that dogs can't see the colours red or green. We had some very brave volunteers who had to test their senses - don't worry it was not a real poo!!



On Wednesday Alexandra's mum came in to talk to us all about the work that she does involving clinical trials and medical writing. The children were fascinated. I was very pleased with how much the children knew about this topic. We then came up with our own illnesses and thought of ways that we could cure it. Some of the diseases and their symptons were very creative.


On Thursday Mr Darlington came in to make rockets with the children. He said we were the best group of children he had worked with which made us very proud. We decorated the bottle rockets and then set them off in the  playground.



Today the children were most excited as we had zoo2u in. They were  a bit nervous to start with but soon relaxed when they met Captain the tortoise! We learned about herbivores and carnivores and linked this to our dinosaurs topic. We held an opossum and some lucky children even managed to hold a very heavy and friendly snake called Andre.

All week the children have been planning a science experiment to see if they can land 6 eggs on the playground safely from 2 metres high. They worked brilliantly on their designs, made them out of the given materials (2 pieces of paper, 2 balloons, some string and 4 cotton wool pads. We are testing the winning design on Monday but I know that the highest number of eggs landed safely so far is 4!! How?


Next week we have our assembly to look forward to. The children can't wait and have done brilliantly learning their lines. Remember to come into school on Thursday in dinosaur colours with uniform in a bag. Many thanks.

Have a super weekend































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