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 Welcome to 2NF's class page!



Hello. My name is Mrs Forrester and I am one of the Year 2 teachers at Offley. I started working at Offley in 2005. I've taught throughout the school but I have a passion for teaching infants so I am delighted to be teaching Year 2. I am also Key Stage 1 phase leader at the school and and now English Leader for KS1 too. I have three young children of my own, two of which also attend Offley. This means you will often see me taking them to various activities around Sandbach. Please do say hello if you see me!



Children  have now completed their SAT's  reading and maths booklets. These will be used to support our teacher assessments and the results will be reported to you alongside their end of year report. 

WELL DONE 2NF. You've done your very best, we could not have asked any more from you all! 





This week in English, we have become editors and used out editing skills to redraft our adventure stories. We have read our stories back to ourselves and improved our stories by changing spellings and punctation or adding extra sentences to add more detail to events so that our stories flow better. We also thought about how we could make our stories more exciting by adding adjectives and adverbs. We all agreed by the end of the week that our redrafted versions were much better to read than our original ones.



In Maths this week, we have been consolidating our maths skills whilst we have been completing special maths quizzes. We have been revising word problems and really thinking about what the question is asking us to do. Whether it be a multiplication, addition, subtraction or divide question. We have been picking out the important information to help us to decide which operation to use before we solve the questions.


We finished off the week with a maths treasure hunt. Maths questions were hidden around the outside areas. We had to hunt for the questions solve them and make a note of the letter with that clue. Finally, we had to order our answers from smallest to largest to help us to unscramble the letters to make a word. It was lots of fun!



In science we have looked at the results of our science investigation. We had placed four of the same plants in different locations around the school. Plant 1 was on the window and had water, Plant 2 was in the window but didn’t have and water, Plant 3 was in a dark cupboard and had water and Plant 4 was in a dark cupboard with no water.

We got all of our plants back out and used our observation skills to comment about what they looked like. We noticed that not many of them looked very healthy with the exception of plant 1. We concluded that this must mean that plants need both sunlight and water to grow properly.


This bought us to the end of our learning about plants. So we worked hard to produce journal pages to summarise what we have learnt about plants in Year 2.




In PE, we have been carrying on practising ready for Sports Day. Remember ks1 Sports Day is next Wednesday. Keep everything crossed for dry weather!

On Friday we’d all finished our quizzes so we had a fun afternoon and let the children decide what they wanted to do in P.E. The children wanted to play games so enjoyed playing dodgeball with Mrs Gray.



In Art this week we have been practising weaving before we start weaving the pictures we planned next week. Here we practiced the skills and focused on noticing the pattern. We have begun to have a practise at weaving two colours together. Here are a couple of examples:


ICT and Project Based Learning

We’ve been to the learning zone twice this week. First we carried on using a search engine to research facts about our chosen sea creature. Then, we’ve started learning how to use Powerpoint. We have learnt how to open Powerpoint, and add new pages. We have then used our typing skills to add titles to each page. Next week, we will type the facts that we’ve found out onto these pages.



Have a lovely weekend, let's hope that we see some sunshine!

Mrs Forrester


SUMMER  term - General information

Our topic in the Spring term is... BEACHCOMBERS

Our main text is 'Jack and the FlumFlum tree’ by Julia Donaldson.


This is a story is all about a little boy called Jack who goes on an adventure.

 Jack's Granny is sick with a bad case of the moozles! The only cure is the fruit of the fantastic flumflum tree which grows on the faraway Isle of Blowyernose. It's a perilous journey, but Jack bravely sets sail, with a motley crew of only three - and a large patchwork sack that Granny has filled with an odd assortment of items from chewing-gum to tent pegs. But what use will they be against hungry sharks, a leaky boat and a thieving monkey?

P.E. will continue to be on a Tuesday with Mrs Forrester and on a Friday with Mrs Clarkson. Please make sure that long hair is tied back and any earrings removed on these days if possible.

Every Friday is ‘Free Friday’ in Guided Reading. To encourage reading for pleasure you may bring a book in from home of your choice. You can then share this book with your friends, talk about it or recommend it to others.



Children will complete SAT's booklets during the month of May. These will be used to support our teacher assessments. The booklets consist of two reading papers, a maths arithmetic paper and a maths reasoning paper. Your child will complete these booklets in small groups as part of the classwork (and probably wont even realise that they are doing anything different!)



Please take a look at our curriculum map to find out more about what we will cover over the course of the year. (You can download by clicking on the link below).




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