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Mrs Forrester

Welcome to 2NF’s Class Page!


Welcome to Year 2! 

Hello. My name is Mrs Forrester and I am one of the Year 2 teachers at Offley.

I started working at Offley in 2004. I've taught throughout the school but I have a passion for teaching infants so I am delighted to be teaching Year 2. I am also Key Stage 1 phase leader, phonics lead and English Leader for KS1 too. I have three young children of my own, one at high school, one which attends Offley and one starting pre-school this September! This means you will often see me taking them to various activities around Sandbach. Please do say hello if you see me!

Miss Humphries

I am really pleased to be training as a schools direct student at Offley. I have just graduated from Lancaster University and completed a degree in English Language and Linguistics. In my spare time I enjoy reading and dancing. I look forward to getting to know you all!

Here is what we’ve been up to in 2NF this week:.

Week commencing 29th March -

What a super last week we have had - we made it through our first half term back in school! Well done 2NF!



This week we have used our plans to write our diaries as if we are Major Glad or Major Dizzy trapped under the floorboards during the Blitz in London.  We have done a little bit every day and the results are amazing. Everyone has done their best and the diaries are interesting to read.


Guided reading

We’ve continued to read our class text ‘Owen and the Soldier’.  Owen shared his poem that Mrs Jennings asked him to write. It was very emotional and made the councillor lady have a tear in her eye. We then wrote our own poems called ‘Ten things I love’ using Owens poem to help us.



In phonics this week we have looked at the homophones  there and their. We also looked at they're as some people pronounce it the same so confuse the spellings. We looked at pictures to help us remember that 'their' is the belonging to and 'there' is the place/position, whilst they're actually means they are. 



In Maths this week we have continued to work on our addition skills. We have focused on the addition of 2 two digit numbers. Our STEM sentence is ‘Add the tens, then add the ones, then combine them together.

On some calculations when we add the ones the number become too big and we have to cross some tens over to the ones.  We have used number lines, tens and one counters and partitioning to help us solve missing number problems and word problems.


If your child would like more help with this at home, Here is a good video to help you.


Maths video. Adding 2 two digit numbers crossing 10.



This week we have enjoyed cricket with Ben from All Stars Cricket! If your child enjoyed this you can find out more on Twitter using the handle @cheshireCB






In Science this week we have continued our learning on ‘Materials and their properties’  and looked the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. We learned about the process of recycling and the different materials that can be recycled along with what the different symbols mean.  We watched some videos, did an online quiz and sorted out materials discussing which ones would go into each recycling bin.


This week we have learnt about the Easter Story. We have focused on Palm Sunday before focusing on the Last Supper and the story of Easter. We created our own palm leaves, watched a video, had some great discussions and then we recorded how we thought Jesus and his disciples may have at different points of the story.



Well, to celebrate being back at school we had a fun filled day. We started off by painting some sea creatures in the hall to help to get our classroom ready for next terms topic. The children were amazing at doing this, took such care, co-operated well and produced amazing results.

We then had a celebration assembly where Mrs Robertson tried to trick us!

After play, we planted some seeds in our school grounds. We planted near to the wild area and along the hedge at the back of the field.


In the afternoon, we enjoyed watching a pantomime performance of Sleeping Beauty whilst carrying out some Easter Crafts. We used our D/T skills and made pictures move using split pins to create a pivot!



 Have a great Easter Holiday, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks’ time ready for Summer Term. Well done 2NF, we are so proud of how you have returned and settled down to learning.   


There is an Easter activity sheet available for you to download at the bottom of this page.


Summer Term 1 - 2021

Our topic this term is called ‘Beachcombers’  Our foundation subjects will focus on all things about the sea and our classroom has been transformed into an undersea paradise!

 In History we will look at the lives of two significant individuals from the past ‘Grace Darling' and 'Edward John Smith’ (The captain of the Titanic.)

We will find out about Grace Darling.
We will find out about Edward John Smith. 


In Geography we will be looking at key physical features of the land including beach, cliff, coast, sea, forest mountain etc and comparing them to human features such as city, town, village, harbour, port, farm, factory house and shop. 

Here is an example of some of the vocabulary we will be using in Geography.


In art we will focus on studying an artist, a sculptor called Anthony Gormley. We we learn about his statues on Crosby Beach. 

Here is a photo of one of Anthony Gormley's statues from one of our previous class trips to Crosby Beach.


In English we will begin a new text for the half term. It is called ‘The Last Wolf’. In this story the author Mini Grey re-imagines the classic Little Red Riding Hood fable in an entirely new way. It has an environmental message as Little Red helps her new friends in need and recover the wild days of the past.

This is our main text in our English lessons.


Our whole class reading text will be Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl.

This is our whole class reading text.

In Maths, we have rejigged the term slightly. We will start off focusing on subtraction strategies before going back over multiplication and division again as we are aware this was taught remotely and wish to build confidence in this area.


Mrs Clarkson will be the teaching assistant for Year 2 and she will teach our class on Tuesday mornings whilst Mrs Forrester has her PPA time.

Miss Humphries will continue her teacher training with us.



P.E. will continue to be on a Monday afternoon.

You will have noticed your child has some new log in details stuck into the front of their planners. This is because homework will be kept to online activities due to COVID restrictions. WE WILL SET HOME LEARNING WORK THROUGH MICROSOFT TEAMS.

Office 365 log in (TEAMS) You will find a username to Microsoft teams where assignments can be set and handed in. The username looks like an email address and also has a password. We will use the Year 2 group.

Reading Eggs – All children have now completed a placement test to make sure they’re working on the right level. If your child does not change their reading book at school, please read using this. (This will help us too, as due to quarantining books it will take some pressure off our stock of books.) We can view what's been read but you can still record any reading done on reading eggspress in your planner if you wish to.

We will also use reading eggs / reading eggspress to set particular home learning activities.

Numbots  – This is a new maths robot game that focuses on number, addition and subtraction. All children start from the beginning and it will gradually get harder.

Prodigy  – This is another maths game that the children will be familiar with from Year 1. Their details have transferred over and we can set maths activities and assignments though this website.

 Here are many more links:  Recommended links to support home learning  





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