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Hello and welcome to our class page! 

Please make sure PE kits are in school for indoor PE on a Monday and swimming kits are in school on Tuesdays.

My name is Mrs Bloor and I teach one of the Year 3 classes. I have been teaching at Offley since 2008 and have taught Y2 and Y1 children before. I am married and have two boys who keep me very busy, I also have a tortoise who is in her 80's and a puppy called Lulu who I love taking for long walks.

This week in English, we have finished learning our non chronological report about tigers, analysed features of the text and have started the innovation process of using the transferable features in the report about tigers into one about piranhas. Next week, we will finish our writing about piranhas, complete sentence level work learning about subordinating conjunctions and research a specific rainforest animal to write an independent report on.  

In Maths, we have been learning how to divide a 2 digit number by a single digit number using real life contexts. For example, if a shopkeeper had 52 ice creams and packed them into 4 boxes, how many ice creams would be in each box? To solve this the children have learnt to partition numbers in different ways.  



Step 2    Divide the tens by 4



Step 3    Dvide the 12 ones by 4

 There are 13 ice creams in each box.


Our afternoons this week have been filled with science, learning which animals have endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons - ask your child if they can explain they difference and give an example of an animal for each section. We also had a fun quiz to see id they could recognise animals by looking at their skeletons. Some were quite recognisable whereas other were tricky! We have started our project on skeletons to answer the question 'Why aren't all skeletons the same?'

 In geography, we have learnt that tropical rainforests are located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. We are also in the process of learning about the difference between the term 'climate' and 'weather', the children are going to create a weather report for the different locations of tropical rainforests.   

In order to help to raise awareness of keeping safe, we have used the NSPCC video, alongside class discussion, which was produced for young children 


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