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Hello, my name is Mrs Bloor and I teach one of the Year 3 classes. I have been teaching at Offley since 2008 and have taught in most year groups. I am married and have two boys who are at the other end of the education system! James is about to start his final year at University and Henry has just started his final year in Sixth Form. I also have a tortoise who is in her 90's and a Cavapoo called Lulu who I love taking for long walks.


We have had an amazing 'Science Week' at Offley!

On Monday, Fiona the Bee Keeper shared lots of information about how bees make honey. Did you know that in a lifetime, a worker bee will only make one twelth of a teapsoon of honey and 55,000 flowers need to be visited to make one 200ml jar of honey. Another interesting fact which we thought was a little bit harsh, was that in winter the worker bees (female) make the drone bees (male) leave the nest. 

On Tuesday, Jayne from United Utilites visited and the children learnt about how the danger of open water and used the phrase 'No lifegurard, no swimming!' They also learnt about the extended water cycle, the 4 Ps that are allowed to be flushed down the toilet - can you guess them all? We also did an experiment to find out why 'fushable wipes' should not be flushed down the toilet. This involved shaking a jar of water with a piece of toilet paper in it and a jar of water with a flushable wipe for 30 seconds - the toilet paper broke down into tiny pieces, but the wipe did not, it stayed exactly the same. 

On Wednesday, the children took part in activities with Chris from North West Sports Coaching and learnt how exercise affects their heart. The children measured their pulse before and after exercise and were able to make the connection between why we breathe more heavily and feel hot when we exercise.

I've never had so many injuries in my class! On Friday, Kirstyn from St John Ambulance talked to the children about what to do in an emergency, how to give CPR to adults, children and babies and how to put someone into the recovery position. I think their favourite part was using the bandages on each other!

Throughout the week, the children worked on created a chain reaction with 4 different parts. They went through the whole design process of planning, making, redesigning and evaluating their projects. We had lots of tinkering time to see what would work well and how small changes could overcome difficulties. 

In English this week, the children have written their innovation adventure story and will plan and write their own adventure story set on an island next week. In Maths, the children have started the new unit on time. Our initial focus was using the 12 hour clock to recognise and understand the difference between am and pm and also to understand that we can say the same time in different ways (8:25am, 25 minutes past 8 in the morning). Next week, we will focus on telling the time to the nearest minute. 

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