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Please make sure PE kits are in school each day and swimming kits are in school on Tuesdays.

My name is Mrs Bloor and I teach one of the Year 3 classes. I have been teaching at Offley since 2008 and have taught Y2 and Y1 children before. I am married and have two boys who keep me very busy, I also have a tortoise who is in her 80's and a puppy called Lulu who I love taking for long walks.

We have had an amazing Science Week! On Monday, we discovered a huge crater inside Mrs Robertson's office and as she was nowhere to be seen, the children thought that she might have been kidnapped! The crater was a great way to introduce the whole school science challenge of landing up to six eggs safely from a height of 2m. In groups, the children planned their design using only the allowed materials. The winning design, voted for by the children, was built and tested on Friday morning. Both of the Year 3 classes came together to test their designs, you could feel the excitement in the room as each was dropped carrying its precious cargo of a raw egg. VERY PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT 3GB LANDED 6 EGGS SAFELY! Well done to the winning team.  

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Starlab based at MMU. Mr Tebbitts talked to us about the spinning and recovery time experiment that Major Tim Peake carried out when he was on the International Space Station, we then had a go. After this, the children went inside the huge inflated dome and found out about the planets and constellations that we can see in the night sky at the moment.


On Wednesday, United Utilities came to see the children and we learnt lots of important information. The most important message was about water safety. No lifeguard = no swimming. There were lots of hands on activities learning about the water cycle and the journey that water goes through before and after it reaches our taps. The children also completed an experiement with toilet paper and a flushable wipe, they were put inside 2 tubs of water and shaken for 2 minutes. After the time was up, the toilet had completely broken down into tiny pieces but the wipe was still intact. In fact, the children a tug of war with it and still could not break it up into pieces. Jayne from UU explained that flushable toilet wipes cause lots of blockages in pipes and they are trying to encourage the companies that make them to change the wording on the packaging so that people do not flush them. Much to the children's amusement, they learnt about the four Ps that are allowed in the toilet, pee, poo, puke and (toilet) paper! We also learnt about how to save water at home by turning off the tap whilst brushing teeth as this can waste up to 10 litres in 2 minutes, having shallow baths, quick showers and using any left over water to water plants with. 


On Thursday, Mr Arnold and his friend Mitch came in and showed the children how to make a speaker using wire, tape, magnets and a disposable plate. The children were absolutely amazed by this and then went on to think that Mr Arnold and Mitch had 'The Force' as they managed to move empty aluminium cans without touching them or blowing on them! They explained it was static electricity and also used balloons to show this working on hair. The children were very excited and were able to have lots of hands on experience for themselves. 

There was also great excitement on Thursday when a parcel arrived addressed to 3GB. Inside were two handwritten letters addressed to Fran and Daisy from Ian Kellett the CEO of Pets at Home. He explained how his company is helping the environment and also sent an early easter treat for all of the children in the class - a creme egg, which was very thoughful of him.

On Friday afternoon, we used a Virtuali-tee app which enabled the children to see inside a human body. The children were intrigued as it appeared to show the insides of the person who was wearing it! We looked at the skeleton, respiratory system, circulatory system and digestive system, each of them had explanations of what was on screen and what actually happens in each system.

In our usual science learning, we have learnt about the particular jobs that each part of a plant does and have set up an experiment to find out what happens when a plant is deprived of water, sunlight and warmth. Initial measurements and observations have been made and will be taken until the end of term.


In English this week, the children have worked on sentence punctuation and . Next week they are going to learn how to write informal letters. In Maths, they have created a bar chart using Excel and the measurements they collected last week. Next week we will be finishing our work on measures and completing activities linked to our residential .

In order to help to raise awareness of keeping safe, we have used the NSPCC video, alongside class discussion, which was produced for young children.


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