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Hello, my name is Mrs Bloor and I teach one of the Year 3 classes. I have been teaching at Offley since 2008 and have taught in most year groups. I am married and have two boys who are at the other end of the education system! James has just graduated from the University of Manchester and Henry has just finished his final year in Sixth Form. I also have a tortoise who is in her 90's and a Cavapoo called Lulu who I love taking for long walks.

Please make sure PE kits are in school every day. Mrs Gray will be teaching hockey skills on a Thursday and there will be another PE session in the week depending on the weather.

Another great week in Y3 and well done to our new 3GB School Councillors who were voted in democatrically in a secret ballot!


In the Juniors, the children use a computer based reading system called Accelerated Reader to determine their book level. A letter was sent home in week one explaining it in more detail along with their new reading book. If you link up your email address to the system, you will receive progress updates each time your child completes a book quiz at school. Please continue to read each day with your child and ask them questions about what they have read.

In English the week, we have started our new text Seal Surfer. At the beginning of the week, the children predicted what the story would be about by looking at the front cover and then planned and wrote their own story. We have also reviewed using inverted commas for direct speech and using prepositions for place. Next week, we are going to continue with prepositions and focus on building vocabulary and grouping ideas for paragraphs. 

In Maths this week, we have continued our learning about Place Value for three digit numbers. We have solved number sequences that count forwards and backwards in 1s, 10s and 100s. Some of the sequences proved to be quite tricky, especially when crossing hundreds and working out 10 less than 408 for example - many answers given were 498. To help the children have fun whilst learning, we have played dice games where we roll the dice three times to obtain a 3 digit number and then make their own number sequences with the added challenge of seeing how far we can go! The image below shows some of the questions the children have been answering. Next week, we'll review counting in 2s then learn about counting in 4s and 8s and hopefully see the relationship between the numbers.



Our afternoons have been filled with lots of learning. In Geography, we have been using atlases to locate rainforests in different countries and continents on a world map and found out that there are four different types of forest. Our classroom is slowly being transformed to become a rainforest - next week we will find out more about the animals that live in them by creating them for our learning environment. In French, we are continuing with simple greetings and responses. We will be using these every day when we complete our registers to develop speaking and listening skills. This week, we have used comment ça va? and a range of responses including ça va bien, ça va mal, comme ci comme ça. Next week we will be using 'Comment t'appelle tu?' and Je m'appelle ... Science learning has focussed on the functions of the different parts of a plant - roots, stem, leaves and flower. Ask your child to see if they can remember the specific jobs for each part! Luckily the weather was great on Friday, so in PE we went out and practised our ball skills, passing and dribbling. We also managed to fit in Art in too - the children are learning how to look closely at objects to include lots of detail. We used different shaped leaves from the wild area and had a go at drawing the curved or jagged lines for the outlines and then added extra detail for the veins.






Our 'Big question' is Why do we have to look after the Rainforests and could we live without them? 




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