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Hello, my name is Mrs Bloor and I teach one of the Year 3 classes. I have been teaching at Offley since 2008 and have taught in most year groups. I am married and have two boys who are at the other end of the education system! James has just graduated from the University of Manchester and Henry has just finished his final year in Sixth Form. I also have a tortoise who is in her 90's and a Cavapoo called Lulu who I love taking for long walks.

Swimming is every Wednesday, please bring swimming kit (towel, swimming clothes in a separate bag) on the day. Please make sure that PE kits are in school every day. Mrs Gray will be teaching dance on a Thursday.

We have had a great start to the new half term. In English this week, the children have been developing their descriptive vocabulary using the images in our new book and prepositions for place. At the end of the week, the children used role play to explore the character's emotions. 

In Maths this week, we have started our new topic multiplication and division. We have used the 3x and 4x tables and have learnt that 3x4 is the same as 4x3. This is called commutative pairs. The children have drawn arrays so that they can see this too. The children are also using specific mathematical vocabulary factor x factor = product.

We have also noticed that when the factor is doubled, the product is also doubled:

3x4=12    6x4=24

5x4=20   10x4=40

We will be carrying on with multiplication and division next week.

On Monday afternoon, the children finished their rainforest art paintings in the style of Ruth Daniels. They are very proud of their work and we have received many positive comments from adults that have been in our class. As soon as the art display is finished, I'll put upload some photos.



In our History topic Offley is 50, the children have learnt about some of the events/changes/inventions that have happened since Offley first opened its doors. They then used a timeline to put them into chronological order from the earliest event to the latest. 



In French, we are now learning family member's names mum/maman, mother/mère, dad/papa, father/père, sister/sœur, brother/frère and how to say how many brothers or sisters they have. We will be using these every day when we complete our registers to develop speaking and listening skills. We are also saying what we would like for lunch in French, je voudrais rouge/jaune/vert/panier repas. 

On Thursday afternoon with Mrs Gray, the children have started to learn about body percussion in Music and have started 'Dance around the world' in PE.


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