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Mrs Whipp

Welcome to 3LW’s Class Page!

Welcome to our class page. Here you can access our weekly update, class spellings and homework. 

3LW important information:

  • P.E. kits are to be left in school until October half term
  • For the time being our P.E. slot will now be Tuesday afternoons. We will be completing both of our P.E. sessions for the week on a Tuesday, so please make sure children have appropriate attire for indoor and outdoor sessions. 
  • Times tables will be tested on Thursdays.

My name is Mrs Whipp. I have been at Offley for seven years now, having initially started as a maternity leave cover for Mrs McLoughlin. Before joining Offley, I taught at a variety of schools across both Cheshire and Manchester. My subject responsibility at school is Computing, which I love. Outside of school, I live with my husband and two cats. I enjoy walking, drawing, photography and reading. As I love learning new things, I am continuing to develop my quilting skills.

Weekly Update

We’ve had a great week in 3LW. Our Star of the Week this week was Joshua, who has shown a fantastic attitude to his learning and continually sets a great example to others.

In English we have read more of our book and explored how to use subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. We found out lots of information about the space race between the USA and USSR. Having made notes about the space race, we found out some facts about John Glenn the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth. We then used hot seating to interview him using question stem generators to help us ask deeper questions.

In Maths this week, we have further explored place value. We began by using unitisation to add and subtract multiples of 10. After this, we used our knowledge of number bonds to 100 to help us add a single digit to a two digit number crossing the hundred boundary. For example, if we are trying to solve 98+ 7, we partition 7 into 2 and 5 as we know 98 + 2 = 100. This means we are left with 5 which we add onto the 100 to make 105.

In PE this week, we carried on working on our athletics skills. Our focus this week was long jump and triple jump technique. After practising how to complete each individual part of a triple jump, we had a competition to see who could jump the furthest distance. There were some great techniques and we were impressed with everyone’s determination. In Art, we looked at how to create texture using different shading techniques and applied this to drawings of trees. We had great fun creating our own forests of oak, birch and evergreen trees.

Our Geography lesson this week focused on the effects of deforestation. After watching a video showing us how an area of the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia has changed from 1975 to 2010, we all decided we should do what we can to help. We worked in teams to decide whether different situations represented a negative or positive impact as a result of deforestation. As part of our work on plants in Science, we have planned and set up an investigation to find out what conditions a plant needs to survive. We have chosen to investigate three requirements using four plants: happy, which is getting everything we think it will need to survive; thirsty, which is getting some light and warmth, but not water; gloomy, which is getting warmth and water, but no sunlight; and chilly, which is getting sunlight and water, but no warmth. We will be checking the plants over the next week to see how they change and use this information to draw conclusions.

Next week in English, will be finishing reading the book and finding out about the rest of Katherine’s life, which we will use to help us create a timeline that will help us with our final writing project. In Maths, we will be using the same strategies to help us to subtract a single digit crossing the 100 boundary. We will also be exploring Numbots, an online game-based maths learning program which the children will bring home passwords for later in the week. In Art, we will be looking at how to create different shades of a colour and exploring the artwork of Ruth Daniels. In PE, we will be continuing with our work on athletics skills and working on ball control skills.

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