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2019 - 20

My name is Mr Mason. I have been at Offley for over sevenyears and I have been teaching for nearly 20 years. During this time I have taught across schools in Kent and Cheshire. I am a member of the senior leadership team as Assistant Head and I currently run the Lower Keystage 2 team; I am also the Assessment and Curriculum coordinator. I am married with 4 children, I keep fit and love reading. My favourite genre is historical fiction, though I love reading all types of history.

Welcome back

Welcome back to a new term and school year. I hope that everyone has had a restful and enjoyable summer holiday and have managed to get some family time. I am very excited to welcome the children back and to spend some time getting to know them further.

This term our project will be Geography based and will focus around Rainforests. Our big question that we have to answer is: Why do we have to look after the Rainforests and can we live without them? This week we will be identifying our Author for the term and researching facts about them. We will be thinking about our individual targets and what we want to achieve this year. In maths we are starting the year looking at place value. Our science is about plants and we will be looking at the layers in the Rainforests. In geography we will be looking at South America and identifying the countries and their flags. In French, we will start off with simple greetings.

Week 1

I have to say, that I have thoroughly enjoyed this week with the class. They have all come back and have picked up the Year 3 Junior baton and just ran with it. By Friday, I think it is fair to say that they were all very tired but I am not surprised as they have worked so hard!

In Maths this week we have continued looking at place value and the value of the digits in a 'hundreds' number. Below is an example ofare some pictures of the children playing a place value game. We have also explored 1 less and 1 more as well as 10/100 less and 10/100 more. Next week we will be looking at patterns in numbers and our 4 and 8 x tables.


In English we have started to look at our new text 'Seal Surfer' by Michael Foreman. We have started to explore what the book is about, identified key vocabularly, speech marks for direct speech and looked at prepositions. Next week we will look at developing our sentences with extended noun phrases and using prepositions.

We continued with our BIG question this week and we explored the layers within the Rainforest, and started to explore the science behind plants so the children can start to understand why the Rainforests are so important for us.

In PE, we started on ball control. Passing the ball with the instep and dribbling between cones. The children have also started Hockey with Mrs Clarkson.

In addition to this we have started to do 5 minutes of physical movement in the class on the days we do not do PE.


I would encourage you to watch the online e-safety video below.
You tube

The Curriculum map for the year is attached on this page.

To help the children I have linked some fantastic phonic resources which can be found here, including interactive games and printable sheets.

As parents you can access your childs reading here at the Accelerated Reader website - HomeConnect


In French we have been learning about basic greetings. This website can help you at home: French with Alexa.

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