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My name is Mr Mason. I have been at Offley for over six years and I have been teaching for over 18 years. During this time I have taught across schools in Kent and Cheshire. I am a member of the senior leadership team as Assistant Head and I currently run the Lower Keystage 2 team; I am also the Assessment and Curriculum coordinator. I am married with 4 children, I keep fit and love reading. My favourite genre is historical fiction, though I love reading all types of history.


Week 1 Spring 1 update

Happy New Year! The class have had an excellent start to the new term and have come back ready to learn. They are really working hard and have hit the ground running with our new topics.  There were two children picked for Star of the Week this week. Luke Snape was awarded Star of the Week for having an excellent attitude towards his work and the effort he has put into his work. The sceond Star of the Week went to Millie Clements for her superb effort in maths this week. Well done to you both and keep up the hard work!


This week the children have been exploring a non-chronological report about Tigers. They have explored what a non-chronolgical report is and identified the key features by creating a story map using actions and symbols to break down the text. The children have also looked at the technical language we can use in non-chronological reports, such as words that we can use to write fun facts bout Tigers!

In year 3 we have also been looking at adverbial phrases and how we can use them in sentences. The children have practiced using fronted adverbials as well as putting the phrase in the middle r at the end of a main clause. This week we looked at where/place phrases in sentences about rainforest animals.

Our word of the week was Chronological.




In Maths this week we have been looking at length including cm, m and km. At the beginning of the week we used metre sticks to measure objects in our classroom and looked at centimetres and metres using the STEM sentence: There are 100cm in a metre. We have been using the bar model and partitioning method to break down the units of measurement and recombing to convert the measurements. We then moved onto kilometres and meters and used the same methods to convert kilometres into metres and vise versa using the STEM sentence: There are 1000m in 1km. At the end of this week we looked at how we can compare lengths and who ran the furthest.




Foundation subjects

Our new BIG question for our PBL this term is 'Can humans survive without the Rainforset? How do we know?'. So far in Geography we have been looking at where rainforests can be found on a map and learning about the equater. The children have aslo started to explore the sounds that we can find in the rainforest along with some of the animals that live there. In science we have started our new topic on plants and have investigated if there was a plant murder! by looking at the parts of a plant and what it needs to survive. In PE the children have been learning an Egyptian dance with Mrs Clarkson. In RE, the children have started to learn about Islam and where this religion was founded. Homework is now out and the children have their TimeTables RockStar passwords.


The Curriculum map for the year is attached on this page.

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