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Welcome to 4BM's class page. Here you can access our weekly update, class spellings and homework.

My name is Miss Moulton and I am new to Offley this year. Last year, I completed my teacher training in another primary school within Cheshire East. In my spare time I enjoy walking, singing and drama. I love musical theatre and have seen over 20 different shows by both professional and amateur theatre groups.


Over the next half term, we will be answering our new Project based learning question which is the basis for our curriculum work. Our main question which will encompass geography, art and design, English, maths, history and science is: How can you prove that a stranger who lived thousands of years ago on a different continent has shaped your life? How has the Mayan past built our present? Our question covers History of an early civilisation; geography, human and natural features (South America); in art they will be designing and creating Mayan masks; and in English the children will be writing information and persuasive texts related to Mayan culture and deforestation; Maths we will be looking at the Mayan number system and calendar and finally in cooking, how chocolate is made and what it is used for. I have attached a curriculum map to give you a broader insight into the curriculum this year.

In Maths the children will be learning about equivalent fractions, simplifying and adding fractions; decimals; problem solving and time. We will be focussing on the children’s number fluency, reasoning and application of taught skills.

PE will now be on a Thursday afternoon with myself, where possible PE will be outdoors so please ensure the children have their outdoor PE kit in school. The children will be beginning a gymnastics and dance unit finishing off this half term with Basketball.

Every week I will post an update and add spellings and homework when applicable. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me through the school office or on the playground before and after school.

Accelerated Reader: In recent weeks I have parents ask about our accelerated reader programme. As you may know, the children are expected to read a book at home and complete a quiz in school as part of Guided Reading. You will have already received all of the information regarding this programme and will be fully aware of its benefits. At school, we have a number of accelerated reader books which the children can choose from. If your child is struggling to find a book they enjoy you may want to visit a library or buy a book from a recommended author or an author which your child already enjoys reading. Your children can then quiz on these books in school providing it is within their ZPD range. If you visit http://www.arbookfind.co.uk/ and search for a book or author it will tell you the book level (BL) and providing it is in your child's ZPD they can use this as part of our Guided Reading sessions.

Weekly update 16.03.2018:

What a fascinating science week we have had! The children have been really immersed in all of the learning and activities we have taken part in. To begin the week we went into the star dome, the children were fascinated to listen to the information and be immersed in the environment. On Wednesday, we had a visit from a dentist who gave us lots of handy tips about good oral hygiene. I was amazed how much the children had remembered from our 'teeth' topic from last half term. Finally, on Thursday we had a cheese making work shop; the children thoroughly enjoyed the work shop and now have lots of knowledge about 'good bacteria'. Next week is the last week of swimming so just a reminder that children will need their swimming kits on Monday. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all next week!

Science Week


This week we have begun to look at our new unit of work which focuses on a Information texts. We began the week by writing our own versions of an information text. The children were able to choose a subject which they knew lots about to write their own fact sheet. On Tuesday the children began to pick out the key features of an information text which will eventually help them write their own information text about the Mayans in a few weeks’ time. We looked at four good example texts which were all based on animals and the children worked in groups to pick out the key features. Today we boxed up the key features from our example text. Next week, we will begin to story map and learn more about the features which make a great information text.


To begin with this week, we have been working on finding and recognising equivalent fractions. To push the children’s understanding further we looked at how we can link our timetables knowledge to multiply the numerator and denominator to find equivalents. Initially we started by looking at fractions visually and using concrete apparatus to help with understanding. Later this week, we moved on to simplifying fractions by using our knowledge of mixed numbers and equivalent fractions to help. Next week, we will look at simplifying improper fractions using again concrete apparatus and bar modelling to help the children’s understanding of whole numbers and fractions.

Guided Reading

In guided reading this week, we have been focusing analysing a writer’s word choice. The children then read the 'Great walls' an information text and analysed some of the language chosen by the writer. Some of the group did an information text which was all about Vincent van Gogh! They really enjoyed this as they had lots of knowledge about him already!


This week we have started our new topic based around South America and the Mayans. The children have begun to analyse the big question and have completed some 'What I want to know...' questions which will help myself and Mr Mason structure the teaching of this topic. This week we also created some art work and began to change our role play environment to fit into the new topic. Many of the children are very excited about this new topic and are already asking about homework for next half term!

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