4KW 2019 - 2020

Miss Warren

4KW 2019-20

Miss Warren

Hello, my name is Miss Warren and this is my first year teaching which I am very excited about! After graduating with a degree in Education Studies, I completed the first half of my teacher training here at Offley and could not wait to become part of the team at this amazing school. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends, family and my very mischievous dog Tyson. I also love reading, baking and travelling!

We are also very lucky to have the lovely Mrs Waters working in our class some mornings.

Can I just say, I have already seen some of the fantastic timetables and efforts parents are putting in with their children at home whilst also having to complete their own work themselves. You are doing an amazing job!! Thank you for helping me do mine while I am unfortunately not able to.

Free maths websites that can be accessed from home:

Active Maths - http://www.active-maths.co.uk/

Thinking Blocks (solve word problems using bar models) - https://www.mathplayground.com/thinkingblocks.html

Topmarks - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/

Maths Zone - https://mathszone.co.uk/

Transum - https://www.transum.org/Software/Puzzles/

Maths Drills (a range of topics) - https://www.math-drills.com/

Maths Sphere (free resources section) - http://www.mathsphere.co.uk/resources/MathSphereSampleWorksheets.htm

Maths Aids (worksheets) - https://www.math-aids.com/


Week ending 27/3/20

Week 1 of home learning done! smiley 

I know it won't have been easy for any of you, but I am so so so pleased with your attitudes to learning during this very strange week! 

Well done to all the parents who added 'teacher' to their list of job roles this week! You're doing a fantastic job. 

I hope you are all well and keeping safe at home. Don't worry yourselves if you are not managing to keep up with all of the homework tasks which are set, you can catch up over the next few weeks if you are able to. I do not want you stressing or worrying trying to get everything done, your happiness and well-being will always come first, so have fun in the sunshine, paint some rainbows, enjoy your extra family time and do all your favourite things. 

I really have loved seeing all your fantastic work which has been uploaded through the website, it definitely brings a smile to my face when I see your passion for learning is still going strong. Keep it up 4KW!

Remember, you can message me at any time through the website if you are worried about anything or if you are struggling with a piece of work. But most importantly, continue to take care of yourselves and your loved ones. 

See you soon, keep smiling heart

Miss Warren 

Remote learning – daily maths and English lessons will be put on here for your child to work through in line with where we are currently at in the curriculum. Most of the time, these will be done as PowerPoints (as they would be in class).  Play them in presentation mode and have a pen and some paper handy to answer questions as you go along.  The answers will be on the PowerPoint so that you can check how well you are doing - but no peeking or cheating!

I will also be posting some History/Science/RE tasks throughout the week.

Read Theory – reading and comprehension activities 

TT Rockstars

Priodgy – maths activities will be set on here 

Purple Mash 

Remember to also keep yourselves active (Joe Wicks is putting on a live workout on YouTube catered especially for children at 9am each day Monday –Friday https://www.thebodycoach.com/blog/pe-with-joe-1254.html) and make the most of your time at home by learning lots of new skills if you are able to, such as: cooking, baking, gardening, cleaning and sewing – the list is endless

Keep being your amazing selves.

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