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4KW 2019-20

Welcome to our class page. Here you can access our weekly update, class spellings and homework. Our P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday. The children will be outdoors on a Friday weather dependent, so please ensure that they have appropriate kit.

Hello, my name is Miss Warren and this is my first year teaching which I am very excited about! After graduating with a degree in Education Studies, I completed the first half of my teacher training here at Offley and could not wait to become part of the team at this amazing school. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends, family and very mischievous dog Tyson. I also love reading, baking and travelling!

We are also very lucky to also have the lovely Mrs Waters working in our class two mornings a week.

Weekly update 13.9.19

We have had another great week in 4KW, the children have been working really hard and have all shown such positive attitudes to learning.

As a whole school we have introduced continuous cursive handwriting and we are all trying our very best to remember to use these joins when writing. 

We have been developing our typing skills using BBC DanceMat typing, you can keep practicing at home by following this link.



In our Maths lessons this week we have been exploring place value. We started by recapping how to count in 100s and in 25s and discussed the pattern which appears when we count up in these multiples from 0. After this, we spent time exploring the relationship between thousands, hundreds, tens and ones which then helped us to solve problems such as missing numbers in a sequence and identifying mistakes in calculations. On Friday, we used our knowledge of place value to help us compare and order numbers. 

For example: 4542 > 4532 We know 4542 is greater than 4532 because although both numbers have the same amount of thousands and hundreds, 4542 has the most tens and is therefore the greater number. 


In English, we have started our work on Gorilla by Anthony Browne. We began by looking at an illustration from the book which shows the main character (Hannah) sitting in the corner of a room watching TV. As a class we made inferences about Hannah based on what we could see in the image and the children used their imaginations to consider what could have happened in order for Hannah to look so unhappy. We then used the same image to help us generate questions that we would like to ask Hannah, which we then used to hot seat the character in our pairs. 

At the end of the week, we discussed our initial impressions of gorillas and compared them to those of Ian Redmond and the way his opinions come across in his poem 'Silverback.' We then considered whether or not Anthony Browne shared our opinions by looking at the front cover of the book and describing the way in which the illustration created a positive or negative perception of gorillas. On Friday, the children were thrilled to finally begin reading the first few pages of the book and we noted down our likes and dislikes about what we have read so far. 


In our History lesson this week, the children were fascinated when looking carefully at images of Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We talked about what an artefact is and how investigating artefacts can help us to gather information about different periods of history. After looking at a variety of Ancient Egyptian artefacts, we considered how each one might help us learn about what life was like in Ancient Egypt. 

In Computing this week, we identified the purpose of different sections of code in Scratch. 

In Art, we created a beautiful piece of work in the first page of our new sketchbooks! The children really enjoyed experimenting with different grades of shading pencils to draw different textures. 

In P.E we have had lots of fun creating our own Ancient Egyptian dance routines! Then on Friday, we developed our hockey skills by learning the correct way to hold a hockey stick, how to pass and receive a ball and how to keep control of a ball when moving. 



Next week

Next week, we will continue to look at place value in Maths and learn how to use small details to imply mood and describe characters in our English sessions. We will be having a go at making different marks with charcoal in Art. Both classes will team up to go on the hunt for living things in our next Science lesson (which I know the children are already extremely excited about). In P.E we are continuing with our Egyptian dances and developing our hockey skills.

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