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4KW 2019-20

Welcome to our class page. Here you can access our weekly update, class spellings and homework. Our P.E. day is now on a WEDNESDAY and this will take place outside, so please send your child in with appropriate kit. The children will also go swimming on a THURSDAY so please remember to send your child in with their swimming kit and warm clothing for their walk to and from the Boys' School. Thank you!

Hello, my name is Miss Warren and this is my first year teaching which I am very excited about! After graduating with a degree in Education Studies, I completed the first half of my teacher training here at Offley and could not wait to become part of the team at this amazing school. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends, family and my very mischievous dog Tyson. I also love reading, baking and travelling!

We are also very lucky to have the lovely Mrs Waters working in our class some mornings.

Weekly update 15.11.19

We have had another great week in 4KW and I have been so impressed with how hard the children have worked!

We had a super start to the week when we were visited by an archaeologist and took part in his amazing workshop! The children thoroughly enjoyed becoming mini archaeologists for the day and taking part in their own 'dig.' With the variety of Ancient Egyptian artefacts that were uncovered, the children then created their own exhibitions. We all had a fantastic time.


In English, our main focus has been to develop our vocabulary and choose the most effective words to describe settings and create a specific atmosphere. As a class, we have been working hard to uplevel our word choices and incorporate ambitious vocabulary into our writing. The children are really enjoying the work around 'Leon and The Place Between' and 'The Nowhere Emporium' so far.


On Monday, we started to look at multiplying by 12 and how we can use the distributive law to make it easier for us. For example instead of 8 x 12, we can do 8 x 10 + 8 x 2

We have also been talking about using what we know to help us. For example we know that 7 x 12 is the same as 7 x 6 + 7 x 6.

Later in the week, we started out division lessons by taking part in an investigation. The children had to physically make as many whole hexagons as they could with a number of sticks. They then had to work our what the division sentence would be. For example, when the children had 18 sticks, they realised they could create 3 whole hexagons, so 18 ÷ 6 = 3

We have also been learning the correct mathematical terminology for each number in a division sentence. Dividend ÷ Divisor = Quotient

Also this week, we completed our History topic by comparing aspects of daily life in Ancient Egypt to daily life we experience here in Modern Britain and then we all came to a final conclusion to our big question 'Would I like to live in Ancient Egypt? Why?' 

The children have enjoyed starting their PBL project this week as they started designing their own Ancient Egyptian board game. We began by investigating what features make a good board game and how we can possibly include them in our own. 

For Anti-bullying week, the children took part in a variety of discussions around the importance of preventing bullying and spreading kindness and positivity around school. As part of this years theme 'Change Starts With Us' everybody designed their own pair of odd socks which included messages about how we can make a positive change. 

As well as all of that, we also took part in the Bebras challenge this week! The children enjoyed working in teams to complete the different puzzles. 

On Friday, we loved getting active first thing in the morning by taking part in 'The Big Morning Move with Joe Wicks' for Children in Need. Thank you for your donations!

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