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Welcome to 4LW 

Welcome to our class page. Here you can access our weekly update, class spellings and homework. Our P.E. day is now Monday and the children will be indoors, so please ensure that they have appropriate kit. Our swimming day is now a Wednesday. Please remember to bring your swimming kit and warm clothes on Wednesdays, as it can be quite chilly walking to and from the swimming pool.

My name is Mrs Whipp. I have been at Offley for five years now, having initially started as a maternity leave cover for Mrs McLoughlin. Before joining Offley, I taught at a variety of schools across both Cheshire and Manchester. My subject responsibility at school is Computing, which I love. Outside of school, I live with my husband and enjoy walking, drawing, photography and reading. As I love learning new things, I am currently learning to quilt.

You can check if a book you are reading at home has an Accelerated Reader quiz in your ZPD range by following this link and searching for the book.

Weekly update

It has brilliant week in 4LW. We have had a great Science Week, filled with lots of experiments and learning. Thank you to all our visitors, who have made learning about Science and Engineering so interesting.

In English this week, we used two different drama techniques – defining the space and thought tracking – to help generate ideas that we can use in our stories. We also revised our work on fronted adverbials and explored using relative clauses to add information to sentences. For example, instead of: High above the cobbled street, the birds flew away from the volcano. We could write: High above the cobbled street, the birds, who were covered in ash, flew away from the volcano.

In Maths, we completed our unit on time. We have learnt how to solve time word problems, discovered how to convert years into months and weeks into days, as well as reminding ourselves about how many days are in each month. We used some STEM sentences to help us decide how to solve a problem:

If I know the start and end times, I calculate the difference to find the duration.

If I know the start time and the duration, I add the duration to the start time to find the end time.

If I know the end time and the duration, I subtract the duration from the end time to find the start time.

Throughout the week, we have been lucky enough to take part in a wide range of Science-based activities. We have: learnt about the work of the RNLI; been taught how to perform CPR and other simple first aid; learnt about drones and watched some being flown in our hall; learnt how to make cheese; and completed some problem solving tasks linked to water, which included working out how to get liquid to flow through a specific pipe in a pipe system. The children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

In addition to our visitors, the children were set an Engineering challenge at the beginning of the week. Across the school, children had to work in teams to create a Rube Goldberg chain reaction. 4LW had a great time testing different objects to see how they interacted with each other, before creating an initial design for their chain reaction. Lastly, the children made any alterations they needed and completed a final design.

Next week in English, the children will be planning and writing their own story with a historical setting. In Maths, the children will be moving on to our next topic, which is decimals. We will start by exploring tenths and hundredths. In our other sessions, the children will: continue with their timeline of important events in the Roman Era; finish their HTML project; begin exploring Roman mosaics and try to recreate some examples in their sketch books.

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