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Welcome to 4LW 

Welcome to our class page. Here you can access our weekly update, class spellings and homework. Our P.E. day is Tuesday and the children will be outdoors weather permitting, so please ensure that they have appropriate kit. Our swimming day is Thursday and the lessons start on Thursday 8th November. Please remember to bring your swimming kit and warm clothes on Thursdays, as it can be quite chilly walking to and from the swimming pool.

My name is Mrs Whipp. I have been at Offley for five years now, having initially started as a maternity leave cover for Mrs McLoughlin. Before joining Offley, I taught at a variety of schools across both Cheshire and Manchester. My subject responsibility at school is Computing, which I love. Outside of school, I live with my husband and enjoy walking, drawing, photography and reading. As I love learning new things, I am currently learning to quilt.

You can check if a book you are reading at home has an Accelerated Reader quiz in your ZPD range by following this link and searching for the book.

Weekly update

It has been another busy week in 4LW. The children were very excited to see our completed artwork for Room on the Broom hanging in the corridor this week.


In English, we have boxed up our story, ‘Reilly’. We decided what the purpose of each section of the story was before identifying the linguistic and grammatical features that were in each section. We then generated our own ideas, thinking about which parts of the original story we wanted to change and how we might change these. Here is an example of the first paragraph of Reilly innovated using the children’s ideas.

Kai was incensed. He stomped down the freezing High Street, ignoring the rush-hour queue of hoverboards and flying beds.


This week, we completed our work on multiplication strategies and started to look at division. We learnt a new STEM sentence to help us remember the parts of a division sentence:

dividend ÷ divisor = quotient

The children were given a statement, ‘How many hexagons can you make using 13 lolly sticks?’ which they used as a starting point to investigate division. During this investigation they also came up with their own theories and tested them. For example, some groups of children said that there will never be more than 5 lolly sticks left over because 6 lolly sticks would make a whole hexagon.

To support your child's learning, I have set questions linked to multiplication on their Prodigy accounts. It would also be very helpful if they played on the TTRockstars website - all of the children were given logins at the beginning of term. If they are playing on the Studio game (to try and improve their Rock Speed) they will be asked multiplication and division questions up to 12 x 12. It is absolutely fine for the children to use the multiplication grid in the back of their planners to help them, as the more they practice, the more quickly they will learn their times tables.


In Topic this week, our main focus has been completing our museum exhibits. Other classes from across the school will be visiting 4LW’s Egyptian Museum on Wednesday and the children are very excited about this. In addition to this fantastic group work, we have also been thinking about what respect means and how we can choose to show respect to others in our day to day lives. The children thought carefully about examples of respect in school and how what we choose to do can impact on other people. They also thought about the good things that other members of our class do already.  

Next Week

In English, we will be completing our innovation writing and completing sentence work linked to our class text – The Firework-Maker’s Daughter. In Maths, we will continue to work on mental methods to help with multiplication and division and explore what happens when we can’t divide a number into equal groups. In our Topic work, we will be presenting our exhibits to the rest of the school, learning songs for the Christmas production and learning about teeth in Science.

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