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Mrs Whipp

4LW 2019-20

Welcome to our class page. Here you can access our weekly update, class spellings and homework. Our P.E. days are Monday (swimming) and Wednesday the children will be outdoors on a Wednesday weather dependent, so please ensure that they have appropriate kit.

My name is Mrs Whipp. I have been at Offley for six years now, having initially started as a maternity leave cover for Mrs McLoughlin. Before joining Offley, I taught at a variety of schools across both Cheshire and Manchester. My subject responsibility at school is Computing, which I love. Outside of school, I live with my husband and two cats. I enjoy walking, drawing, photography and reading. As I love learning new things, I am currently learning to quilt.

You can check if a book you are reading at home has an Accelerated Reader quiz in your ZPD range by following this link and searching for the book.

We have been developing our typing skills using BBC DanceMat typing, you can keep practicing at home by following this link.

Weekly Update

This week in 4LW, we have been junior archaeologists as part of our History work. On Monday, we were visited by a real archaeologist and learnt how to correctly use archaeological tools to conduct our own ‘dig’. We uncovered a multitude of historical artefacts and created an exhibition of our finds.

In English, our main focus this week has been developing our vocabulary and choosing the most effective words to describe settings and create specific moods. In addition to this, we became editors and identified verb errors in a setting description. The class have worked very hard to incorporate their new vocabulary into their writing, including words such as inconceivable, eclectic, extensive and unilluminated.

We started our week by looking at how to multiply a number by 12. We explored two different methods to help us. Our first method was to use the distributive law to redistribute 12 into 10 and 2, e.g. to complete 11 x 12; we would complete 11 x 10 + 11 x 2 = 110 + 22 = 132. Our second method was to use our prior knowledge of multiplication facts to make calculations easier, e.g. 11 x 12 = 11 x 6 + 11 x 6 = 66 + 66 = 132. Later on in the week, we worked in teams to investigate patterns when dividing by 6. We learnt the correct mathematical terminology for each number in a division sentence.

66 ÷ 6 = 11

66 is the dividend

6 is the divisor

11 is the quotient

Also this week, we completed our History topic, by comparing aspects of daily life in Ancient Egypt to Modern Britain. After we had completed this work, we decided whether we would prefer to live in Ancient Egypt or Modern Britain. We have also started our PBL project to share this learning. We started by investigating what features make a good board game, before starting to plan our own Egyptian themed question-based board games. As part of our Anti-bullying Week work, we discussed this year’s theme ‘Change Starts With Us’ and designed our own odd socks with messages about how WE can make a change. On Tuesday, we took part in the Bebras challenge to develop our computational thinking skills. We enjoyed working in teams and using our critical thinking to help us solve the puzzles. Today, we got active taking part in ‘The Big Morning Move with Joe Wicks’ as part of Children in Need.


Next week, we will be continuing our work on division in Maths, in English we will be exploring subordinating conjunctions and how to use them to add detail in our writing. In PBL, we will be working in groups to create our final board game design. Also next week, we will be learning about the specific functions of different organs in the digestive system as part of our Science, finding out about networks in Computing and continuing to develop our netball skills in P.E.

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