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Hi, I’m Mrs Somers and I am delighted to become part of the Offley team. I am an experienced teacher, having taught in many different schools and across the whole range of primary age classes for far too many years to count! I have been married for over 30 years and have 3 grown up sons, who are all enjoying exciting lives in their chosen careers. My two wire-haired vizsla dogs are our new babies and we enjoy exploring the beautiful Cheshire countryside with them.  I have just begun Pilates lessons but reading and trips to the cinema or theatre remain my main passions. 

4SB Important Information

PE kits need to be in left in school and taken home at October half term.

Indoor/Outdoor PE will be on Wednesday afternoons.

Times tables test is Thursday.

Spellings are handed out on Friday and tested the following Friday

Link to MS Teams Office.com on this link, you will find all of the websites that we use eg TTRockstars, Prodigy (also a new one called Numbots use TTrockstars login)

Here is the link to see if your books at home are in your child's reading range ARbookfind.co.uk if they are, then you can read your own books and complete the quiz at school!


So another exciting week has ended.

Our dramatic week began with our introduction to our new text for English. Tuesday morning saw the children being invited into a circus experience to immerse them in the atmosphere of a circus as our new text is based in a circus. We then introduced them to the book, Leon and the Place Between.

We have created colourful flyers inviting people to be brave and enter the children’s imaginative places between. We have also looked at circus language and descriptions. Next week will see us looking at characters and the use of apostrophes to show possession eg the dog’s bowl and the churches’ bells. We shall also be working on the rules for spelling plurals as well as our weekly spellings.

Maths this week has seen fabulous work on the distributive law as well as amazing times table work on the 11x and 12x table.

Science this week saw us looking at teeth and finding out about the different types of the teeth we have and their roles. Importantly we also discussed how to care for our teeth. Next week we shall look at what our teeth are made of.

We also incorporated Science into our topic work this week, as we mummified tomatoes! The children enjoyed scooping ‘the organs’ out of the tomato as an Ancient Egyptian would have done with a dead body. The tomatoes are now mummified and resting in our classrooms so the children can see what happens.

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