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Weekly update - Week ending 20.07.18

It has been a week of mixed emotions in 5EP!

The week began with two science days where we were exploring the properties of materials and how they change when in different conditions. We were experimenting with coffee, salt, sugar, sand and various other materials to see which were soluble or insoluble. We did a fantastic experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to understand what carbon dioxide it. Furthermore, we learnt about separating materials from one another by having paperclips, raisins, rice, sand, water and salt mixed together. The children were given tools to help them separate the ingredients – a sieve, filter paper, an extra bowl and a magnet. The children were so engaged with the activity and really found some innovative ways to fully separate the items!


We enjoyed an inter-year rounders competition where the children were put into their new year 6 classes as teams. It was a great morning and yet again, very competitive!

There were 33 Stars of the Week this week! The first 3 went to Hattie, Alice and Tamara for being absolute superstars over this past week (and all year, really!): being super helpful, remaining totally focused until the very end and just generally being lovely, friendly and pleasant girls – thank you. The other 30 went to the whole class for being such a wonderful group of children all year, and making my time at Offley absolutely amazing.

The rest of the week was spent enjoying our last few days of year 5. The children brought films and games to school and they enjoyed some well-deserved DVD time! On Thursday I received a very sweet card from the children, which they had spent TWO WEEKS making! I was so touched to learn they had spent their play times trying to organise it and get it signed by all the staff and my wonderful class I will keep it forever – thank you so much.


As this has been my last week at Offley, I would like to say a big thank you to all you parents for your continued support over the year. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Offley and I am leaving with some fantastic memories, lessons learnt and an excitement for my next teaching adventure in Vietnam. Thank you for raising such imaginative, funny and thoughtful children – I have complete faith that each-and-every one of them will go far. Good luck for year 6 and ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!


Hello, I’m Miss Phillips and this is my first year at Offley Primary, teaching in year 5. I recently moved home to Cheshire from sunny Brighton.

Whist I enjoy teaching all subjects, I have a passion for history, PE and Performing Arts – which I also have a degree in – so I look forward to seeing if there are any young thespians, historians or fitness enthusiasts in our class.

I live with my little dog, Mylo, and we love going on long walks together and exploring new places. My interests are travelling, reading, watching films and visiting the theatre. I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic family and circle of friends who I like to spend time with.


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