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Mrs Casey

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Mrs Casey

Hi I'm Mrs Casey and I am currently teaching Year 6.  This is my seventh year working at Offley and my eleventh year in teaching.  While I enjoy teaching all subjects, my passion lies in English.  I am the English Leader for Key Stage 2 and also an Assistant Headteacher.  This year, I am also taking on the role of Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader, looking at how we can make children and staff aware of their own mental health and strategies to improve it.

I have been married for four years now and my little boy, Noah, was born in January 2016.  Growing up, my hobby was dancing which I did for 22 years.  I enjoyed taking part in a number of shows at Crewe Lyceum Theatre and I was even lucky enough to perform at the Magic Kingdom in Florida on two occasions.  I enjoy trips to the theatre, reading, keeping fit and spending time with my friends and family.  My personal target this year is to complete a half marathon - wish me luck!

Autumn Term

This term, our big question is 'Is War Necessary?'.  Through this, we are studying World War 1: why it started; what it was like; how it impacted upon Britain; how it changed our lives today.  Throughout the term, we will be taking part in a number of remembrance activities to commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1.  We will be studying the text 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo to begin with, before moving on to 'The Best Christmas Present in the World', also by Michael Morpurgo.  Both texts offer a different perspective on WW1 and the children will explore these during their English lessons to broaden their understanding of war.  Our topic will incorporate different areas of the curriculum before culminating in the children answering the big question through a presentation to the rest of the class.

Important Information

  • PE is taught on a Monday afternoon; however, the children will need to keep their PE kit in school as occasionally the timetable can change.
  • The children can bring themselves in to school from 8:50am.  They should enter via the external classroom door.
  • Every other Thursday, the children will be taught by Mrs Furlong.
  • On a Friday, the children will be taught by Mrs Edwards and Mrs McLoughlin.

Week ending: 16.11.18

This week, the children have been continuing to study war poetry.  They wrote some fantastic poems in their groups as can be seen below.  They then practised writing similes, metaphors and personification around the theme of war.  At the end of the week, they wrote their own poems.

In Maths, the children have been adding and subtracting fractions using what they learnt last week.  Where the denominators of the fractions were different, the children looked for the lowest common multiple and converted the fractions before adding or subtracting them (see example below).  They then applied this to solving problems and puzzles.

In Science, the children continued their study of light.  Each group was given a shoebox and set the task of making the inside as dark as possible.  They then cut out a ‘viewing hole’ and designed a part of the box that would allow them to control how much light was let in.  They practised viewing objects in the box using varying amounts of light and used this to help them to explain how we see objects.

In their topic work this week, the children were lucky enough to have Mr Mason to come in to speak to them about Remembrance.  He told the children about some of his family members who fought in the war and their different experiences.  He also shared their medals and war artefacts.  Mrs Clarkson also brought in war medals for one of her family members who died during the war.  The children then used what they had seen to design their own war medal.

In Art, the children have been studying the artist Georgia O’Keefe.  They have created pastel drawings based on her work and then made their designs out of clay.  They completed these today by painting them.

This week has been anti-bullying week and the children have had assemblies and activities based around this.  The theme this year is ‘Choose Respect’.  We discussed what this meant and how we could show respect in our day to day lives.  We also talked about the consequences of bullying and how it can affect others.

The children’s homework is pages 15 and 20 in the Maths revision guide, which is due in on Friday 23rd November.  They also have pages 4-7 in the Grammar revision guide, which is due in on Friday 30th November.

There will be no spellings to learn this week with the children being on the residential.

Residential Reminders:

  • A spare kit list is attached at the bottom of the page.
  • Children are to come in as normal on Monday morning in non-uniform, ready to leave at lunch time.
  • All children must bring a packed lunch on Monday.
  • Children may bring a snack in their suitcase but please do not send your children with sweets or fizzy drinks.
  • Any medication (including travel sickness tablets) must be brought in on Monday morning and given in at the office along with the blue medication form.
  • There are to be no electronics brought on the trip.
  • No money is needed for the trip.

Mrs Casey

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