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It has been another fantastic term since coming back after Christmas.  Our topic was Percy the Park Keeper so we read lots of Percy books, changed our classroom to look like the stories and did lots of role play, re-enacting the stories with hats and masks.  We made bugs and creatures that you might find in the park, using papier mache and painting them to put up around the class.  We have begun to introduce the children to our colour banded reading books, reading stories with no words and even trying out some pink books with simple words and sentences.  We have introduced the language of adding and takeway and tried our hand at working out some tricky number problems.  We have been working on our letter and number formation through games, writing on whiteboards and even showing off our name writing skills in our brand new yellow books.  It has been quite a term.  To sum up all that we have been doing I have loaded our webpage with pics from the whole term.  Enjoy!














Outdoor Area

You will have noticed that our Pre-School outdoor area is changing.  There are big changes afoot in both the Reception and Pre-School areas with zones changing places and equipment getting moved around.  The EYFS team have grand plans and have been sourcing and ordering new equipment and resources to go into each area.  Over the next few weeks and months you should notice each Foundation area becoming a more stimulating and exciting environment for your children to explore, play and learn in.

Why Outdoor Learning is important

Outdoor learning at Offley is vital because it:

  • supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles;
  • offers children opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement;
  • promotes a sense of confidence and well-being;
  • provides opportunities for developing harmonious relationships with others, through negotiation, taking turns and cooperation;
  •  supports those children who learn best through activity or movement;
  • provides safe and supervised opportunities for children to experience new challenges, assess risk and develop the skills to manage difficult situations;
  • supports children’s developing creativity and problem-solving skills;
  • provides rich opportunities for imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness;
  • gives children contact with the natural world and offers them unique experiences, such as direct contact with the weather and seasons.

We have been sourcing and buying new equipment for each area but we need your help.  Below are some of the areas we hope to set up in our environment with a list of some of the stuff we need your help to source. 


Construction Area


Can you help us find bricks, logs, sticks, plastic pipes, nuts and bolts, cable drums, sticks and stones?


Water Area


Can you help us find pipes, tubes, pots, buckets, funnels, guttering, plastic bottles, washing up bowls?


Music Area


Can you help us find gutters,  spoons, pots and pans, cake tins, flip flops, drum sticks, metal trays.


Thank you very much for all your help.  It may not seem like much but any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated. 


  See you all next term.

Mr Morrison


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