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Mrs Till (Class Teacher) – Red Team

Miss Welch (Class Assistant) - Yellow Team 

Miss Graystone (Student Teacher) 

Mrs Clarkson (PPA cover on a Friday)


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Miss Reed (Class Assistant) – Green Team

Miss Hemingway (1:1 assistant) 

Mrs Gray (PPA cover on a Friday)


*Our first PE lesson will be on Monday 16th September. 
PE will be on a Monday morning, please ensure your child has their PE bag in school at all times, we will send these home at half term for a wash.  

Reading Challenge

*Childrens reading diaries and a lilac reading book will be sent home on Monday 9th September. The lilac books encourage children to tell a story using the pictures.
Children in Reception are expected to read at home at least 5 times per week.  For each time they read and it is recorded in their school planner (signed by an adult), they receive a stamp.  When they complete the 5 reading sessions per week, they gain a sticker.  If they receive 12 stickers by the end of the Autumn term (one for each week at school with an allowance of two weeks where the full reading quota may not have been met), they will be included in the Reading Treat.  This is where the children choose their activity for an afternoon at the end of the term and also receive a certificate.

Other messages: 

  • Miss Allan and Mrs Till have been exploring Offley’s outdoor area and we have been looking for science around us.

     ‘This is science because the leaves are changing colour showing seasonal change’

    Our challenge for parents and children of Offley is to take a selfie of science found in your home and local community. Post your selfies with the caption ‘This is science because…’ or bring them into school for us to see! Have fun hunting for science!

    Thank you!    

    Use the hashtag #sciselfie

  • PE bags have been sent home for a half term wash.  Please can you ensure they are back in school on the first Monday back as we will be doing PE on the first day back.  Could we also politely remind parents to label & personalise PE bags as some of the children still aren't sure which bag is theirs.  Please could you also label ALL PE kit.  Thank you!

  • MYSTERY READER. As a school we have moved our whole school celebration assembly to 2.40 on a Friday.  Therefore, we will have to change our mystery reader day to a Thursday- apologies!  Therefore, on Thursday's at 2:45 we like to have a Mystery Reader in our class to read to the children.You will usually come to the office and sign in as a visitor.Also, please bring 2/3 of your favourite books to read. If this is something you would like to do please speak to your class teacher or write a note inside your child's diary to book in a Mystery Reader slot - the children absolutely love having mystery readers! 

W/B 11/11/2019
Well what a great first week back after half term!

We started the week off by sharing our holiday news, The children were very excited to tell their friends about all of the exciting things they got up to during half term.

In provision this week we have been creating bonfire pictures, subitizing numbers, stepping into the role of a fireman and squirting the CVC fire words; we have also been exploring magnets, making name rockets and playing in the bonfire small world play.

In phonics this week we have been recapping the formation of b and d as well as spotting them when we are reading. ‘b’ starts with the bat and then the ball, ‘d’ starts with drum and then the door. The children have also been applying the ck, ll and ss sounds at the end of words. The children also amazed us with their writing this week!


In maths this week we have played a subitize team game. The children were encouraged to find a number, subitize and then show their team captain. There team captain then marked it down if they were correct. All children are becoming fabulous subitizing superstars! We have also been looking at parts of a number that make the whole e.g. “2 is a part of me and 3 is a part of me… and the whole of me is 5”. You can find a video from Number blocks ‘ Whole of Me” that we have been covering. We then played musical statues with a twist – when the music stopped we needed to find a friend and say “ one is a part of me” + “ one is a part of me” then the children hugged each other and said “ and the whole of me is 2”.

We have also introduced our text for this half term which is “ I’m going to eat this ant” by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros. To introduce our text we went on a bug hunt around school – we managed to find, slugs, worms, woodlouse, centipedes and spiders!

With having bonfire night on Tuesday we carried out our very own fireworks scrimbling activity! We turned the lights off and practiced drawing different writing patterns – the children worked so well as a team to create their own firework scrimbling artwork. 

In PE this week we have also been balancing on one leg through a Popping Pirates game. The children were encouraged to stand on one leg for 10 seconds without dropping any of the items! 

We hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and we look forward to having another fun-filled week!


The Reception Team


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