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Teachers & Teams

Mrs Till (Class Teacher) – Red Team

Miss Graystone (Class Assistant) – Yellow Team

Mrs Green (1:1 Class Assistant)

Mrs Clarkson (PPA cover on a Thursday morning)


Mrs Rea (Class Teacher) – Blue Team

Mr Shaw (Class Assistant) – Green Team

Miss Critchlow (Maternity Cover Teacher)

Mrs Gray (PPA cover on a Thursday)


Morning Drop off

We have been so impressed that the children have been lining up in their coloured teams.   To make this even better for the children please can we politely ask that parents stand back to allow them to go inside independently.  Staff are there the help the children so you don't need to worry.  Thank you for your support. 



Please ensure you label ALL of your child’s items as there are lots of things still unnamed.  If you want to personalise your child’s bag or water bottle this will be fantastic and will make it easier for them to recognise their things.  We are trying to encourage independence, they are doing so well.



We are trying to promote independence in the bathroom both washing their hands and using the toilet.  It would be great if this was supported at home too to prevent accidents and illnesses in school.  Thank you for your support.



PE will be on a Monday morning, please ensure your child has their PE bag in school at all times, we will send these home at half term for a wash.  This will start on Monday 17th September when the children are more settled into school.



On Monday 11th September your child will be given their first school reading book and diary.  This will be a wordless book Wordless picture books are told entirely through their illustrations.  Sharing wordless books is a great way to build important literacy skills.  For a book of few words you will be surprised at all of the talking you will do and all of the fun you will have!

Below are a few tips for sharing wordless picture books with a child:

•             Recognise that there is no right or wrong answer.  Your child can create their own story.


•             Spend time looking at the cover and talk about the books title.  Make a few predictions about the story.


•             Take a ‘picture walk’ through the pages of the book.  Enjoy the illustrations.  Look carefully at the characters expressions on their faces, the setting and the use of colour.  Talk about what you see.


•             Encourage your child to ‘read’ you the book with their own story.  Encourage by asking who? What? Where? When? Why?


•             Finish your wordless book by asking a few simple questions.  What was your favourite part of the story? What pictures helped you tell the story?

We hope that you enjoy your first school reading book!  We ask that you use the right hand side pages of the reading diary so that we can see what you have been up to!  School staff will use the left hand pages.


Reading Challenge

Children in Reception are expected to read at home at least 5 times per week.  For each time they read and it is recorded in their school planner (signed by an adult), they receive a stamp.  When they complete the 5 reading sessions per week, they gain a sticker.  If they receive 12 stickers by the end of the Autumn term (one for each week at school with an allowance of two weeks where the full reading quota may not have been met), they will be included in the Reading Treat.  This is where the children choose their activity for an afternoon at the end of the term and also receive a certificate.


Weekly Update

This week we had PE for the very first time.  The children were amazing at following instructions when getting changed and we all managed to get dressed successfully – well done!  We were very impressed.  We played a pirate game to warm up, then we worked as a team to play a circle game with a hoop and to finish we played duck duck goose.  The children loved it!  Take a look.




We have also started our phonics lessons this week, learning a new sound each day.  So far we have learnt s,a,t,p,i. We have been playing games like silly soup and making funny names for each other using the initial sound.  The children came up with some great ideas e.g. Charlie Chair, Smiley Sofia.  We have also been playing lots of robot games to enable to children to hear an oral blend.  We will talk about this during our Phonics Evening on Thursday 27th September at 5.30pm.  We would love to see you all there and you will receive a little pack to help with your child at home. 

Each day we have sent out a homework sheet with our new sound and the children have been so proud to show off their homework in class – thank you for your support it is really promoting a love of writing.  The home work is not compulsory, but does help to support your child in school.  Apologies that there is no homework sheet today…we had a slight technical error with our school printer.  We will do our best to give it out on Monday. 






We have started talking about our topic of ‘Dinoasurs’.  We have read the book ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a planet’, the children think it is hilarious! We have also been making dinosaur skeleton art work and play dough dinosaurs.






Next week we will be making some corn shakers for our harvest festival.  If you have any plastic bottles that you can donate to school it would be greatly appreciated. 


 We hope you have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday!


The Reception Team


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