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Teachers & Teams

Mrs Till (Class Teacher) – Red Team

Miss Graystone (Class Assistant) – Yellow Team

Mrs Green (1:1 Class Assistant)

Mrs Clarkson (PPA cover on a Thursday)


Mrs Rea (Class Teacher) – Blue Team

Mr Shaw (Class Assistant) – Green Team

Miss Critchlow (Maternity Cover Teacher)

Mrs Gray (PPA cover on a Thursday)


PE will be on a Monday morning, please ensure your child has their PE bag in school at all times, we will send these home at half term for a wash.  

Reading Challenge

Children in Reception are expected to read at home at least 5 times per week.  For each time they read and it is recorded in their school planner (signed by an adult), they receive a stamp.  When they complete the 5 reading sessions per week, they gain a sticker.  If they receive 12 stickers by the end of the Autumn term (one for each week at school with an allowance of two weeks where the full reading quota may not have been met), they will be included in the Reading Treat.  This is where the children choose their activity for an afternoon at the end of the term and also receive a certificate.


Weekly Update: 

If you would like to be a 'Mystery reader'  please contact your child's class teacher to arrange an available date.

Request for helpers: Please let us know if you would like to come into school in the afternoons from 1:00-3:00 to read 1-1 with children.

Request for spare clothes: We are currently running low on underwear (mainly boys pants) if you have any spare/unwanted underwear that you would be able to kindly donate this would be amazing!


We have been very …very busy this week! Science Week has been awesome for both the children and adults. We have had many volunteers come in that have organised such lovely activities for the children to enjoy. A massive thank you for your time!

This week we have had a been learning how to look after our teeth,  making chocolate playdough, tasting some delicious smoothies and have been learning how to bandage up an injury. We have also had volunteers to come in and show us how drones work and even flew one around the hall! We have had so much fun!

This week during Science Week our challenge has been to make a chain reaction! This activity was to encourage the children to think creatively and solve problems. The children did a fantastic job of creating their own chain reactions.

This week we have also been focusing on role playing and acting out our class text ‘Rumble in the Jungle”. In Literacy we have also been making our own non-fiction books which include three facts about our chosen animal.  They look fantastic and now hang proudly in the corridor for everyone to see and read.

In phonics we have been learning how to write and read CVCC words and listening out for all sounds such as from, snap, skip, flat.

In Maths we have been exploring teen numbers and have been thinking of all the different ways to make 11 and 12.  

This week we have also carried out a science experiment to see what different liquids might do to our teeth. We discussed how to keep it a fair test. We used eggs to act as our teeth and left the eggs in water, milk and fizzy pop. The children thought nothing had changed after 1 day in these liquids but once we got them out of the containers we could see how some eggs looked very different. The egg that was contained in the sugary pop had a layer that was peeling away!

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