At Offley, we are committed to educating our children on the safe use of the internet.  We have a dedicated scheme of work and liaise with parents to help them to keep their children safe online wherever they are.  Our approach centres on informing children about how they should behave and protect themselves when working or playing online, and what to do if they encounter any problems.




 I will only use my own login on the school network and only look at other files with permission.


I will only contact people I know or my teacher has approved. My messages will always be positive, polite and sensible.

I will only open attachments and download files if I have permission.



 I understand that if I feel worried, uncomfortable or frightened by anything I have seen online I must let a parent, carer, teacher or responsible adult know. I will tell an adult straight away.



 I will ask an adult if I am unsure whether I can trust the information I find online.









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