Homework – Year 1 Spring 2 2018

In addition to your usual reading and spelling homework, we have compiled a list of open homework tasks for you to do. You can pick and choose which ones to do. We expect you to complete 3 pieces of homework this half term. The only rules are that you must have done one from each column. Homework should be completed in your homework book unless it is inappropriate to do so. If I haven’t seen any work from you by Monday 9th April, I will expect you to bring in what you have done on this week. If you want to do more than 3 pieces in total, then of course this would be fantastic.   

Column A – Literacy Based

Column B – Numeracy Based

Column C – Topic Based

Message in a bottle!

Write a message and put it in a bottle. It can be a message of your choice to whoever you like – a recount of your day/weekend/a message telling whoever finds it about who you are. You choose!

Think about what features we use in our writing in school and magpie ideas!

How much loot?
Using pirate coins in 2 colours, find all the different ways of making 10, (number pairs to 10).

Try to do this as often as you can over the next few weeks/months so that you have instant recall e.g. 8 and 2. (We have done this using the part- part – whole model below)

Challenge: If you know your number bonds to 10 then carry out this activity using numbers to 20 or even further.

Pirate hat

Make a pirate hat.
It can be made from whatever you like – paper/material/felt...


Wanted poster for your own pirate!

Make a wanted poster for your own made-up pirate.


Tell us his/her name, describe them so that if we see them we can recognise them!

Think about their appearance, clothes they wear and things they carry!

Choose how to present. Maybe  sentences or bullet points or spider diagram.

Pirate shape pictures

Using square/rectangle/circle/triangle for 2D shapes and cube, cuboid, pyramid and sphere for 3D shapes,

Create your own pirate themed pictures  


Ocean life

Make a poster or leaflet showing what living things can be found on our desert island – in and around the ocean using the information learned at Sealife in Manchester.


If you need different paper to that in your homework book, are struggling to print something or need help understanding what to do, please ask me. We hope you enjoy your homework.

1SB and 1JE


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