Homework – Year 1 Autumn 1 2017


In addition to your usual reading and spelling homework, we have compiled a list of open homework tasks for you to do. You can pick and choose which ones to do. We expect you to complete 3 pieces of homework this half term. The only rules are that you must have done one from each column. Homework should be completed in your homework book unless it is inappropriate to do so. If I haven’t seen any work from you by Monday 9th October, I will expect you to bring in what you have done on this date. If you want to do more than 3 pieces in total, then of course this would be fantastic.   


Column A – English Based

Column B – Numeracy Based

Column C – Topic Based

Choose a spooky creature and label its body parts and features. Or even better yet draw your own! What do the different body parts do? You can choose to draw the scary creature and label or use a picture. Here is an example.

Show or draw the number bonds to 10 or 20 using objects from around the house or garden.

e.g. 5+5=10


Blindfold Activity

Use a piece of material so that you cannot see and go on a hunt around the house or garden. Can you use your other senses to describe what you can feel?  Can you guess what it could be?

Take lots of pictures and make a log of what you find. Be careful!

Can you make a tricky word word search using the grid provided?

Choose from these words:

no, to, the, go, he, she, we, me, be, you, all, are, they, her, was, my. 

 Have a go at measuring things around your house. Can you compare the different objects too and say which is the biggest / smallest?

You could try putting different objects in order of size, for example your toys.

Nocturnal Natural Picture
Can you use natural objects to create a picture of a nocturnal animal? Here is an example:


If you need different paper to that in your homework book, are struggling to print something or need help understanding what to do, please ask me. We hope you enjoy your homework.

Miss Barlow and Mr Earlam


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