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In maths lessons your child will learn a variety of skills which are linked as closely as possible to real life situations. Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves; we aim for children to learn maths in a fun and engaging manner through practical activities, games, ICT and written work.

Maths is an abstract concept which children need lots of practical and hands on experiences to fully understand it, these experiences are often scaffolded in ways that you may not have learned at school. Here is a link to our policies page where you will find the Calculation Policy, explaining exactly how each method is taught. Many parents can be confused by how we 'do' maths these days, but really we are just teaching small building blocks which eventually lead to a fuller and broader understanding of maths. We aim for children to be engaged and challenged in all maths lessons while still building their skills and confidence.

Tables Tests

Multiplication is so important in so many aspects of maths that we have awards to encourage children to learn their tables at home.

BRONZE = 2, 5, and10 times-tables.

SILVER = 3, 4, and 6 times-tables.

GOLD = all tables up to 12x12

Is your child pestering you to earn a tables award badge? To achieve a badge they need to know by heart (including missing numbers) the tables facts. This is not counting in 2s but knowing 5x2 = 10 etc. They also need to know  _x6=18 etc The test involves 30 questions which they have to answer in 3mins in KS2 and 4mins in KS1. To pass they have to get 29 out of 30 correct. We build up to the award by testing each multiplication table over separate weeks and once they have passed them indivdually they have to pass a test which mixes up the multiplication facts involved for the award. That way we are sure they really do know them.

At the beginning of each year group children need to prove they are at the stage shown by their badges before moving on to the next stage - often children need a refresher after the summer break this also ensures that if they are transitioning into KS2 they get used to a quicker speed.

There are many computer games that help children enjoy brushing up their skills - especially if they are practising for the badges 

Finally if they lose their badge it will cost the child £1 for a new one. Children are asked to swap their badges when they achieve the next award or alternatively pay £1 to keep them. Children are not asked to pay for their new award only their older ones if they wish to keep them. Therefore Gold awards should not ever be paid for, unless they lose it!

Recommended websites

Here you will find a range of games for your children to help practice mental arithmetic.

Below are links to fun multiplication games that we recommend. children login to this website using the login: offley  password: number. From here they will find a portal section where they enter their 3 digit login number and 3 letter password to access work set for them. (If you are trying to access it on an ipad try downloading app Puffin Free which enables you to use flash player necessray for this website)

Interactive resources   pupil login: offley   password: offley 
There is 'times tables' folder here with a variety of games, some of which are very challenging! This also uses Flash Player so you would need an app like Puffin Free if using an ipad  A firm favourite for all age groups!

Top Marks KS2

Top Marks KS1

Fun 4 the brain

Mad 4 Maths

Math Playground


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