Principia Mission

Our Year 5 and 6 classes are enjoying their Space theme in Science and as part of their topic, they are following the British astronaut Tim Peake. They are following his mission by creating a personalised log book, the Principia Mission Space Diary. Across the  school we will all be completing some space themed activities this coming term and we thought that it might be nice to share these video clips, that the Year 5 and 6s have had access to. 

On 15th December, two kilograms of rocket seeds went up to the  International Space Station as part of  Tim Peake’s six-month Principia mission. After several months on board, the seeds will be sent back and will land in the Pacific Ocean in the spring of 2016. After they return to the UK, they will be packaged up with identical seeds that have stayed on earth. Offley is one of the participating schools  and we will receive two packets of 100 seeds to grow and compare as part of our Space awareness. 

On Friday15th January, Tim Peake will walk in Space, outside of the ISS. NASA TV will have coverage of the event. Here are some interesting links, including an opportunity to listen to what is happening up on the ISS.

Lucy Hawking and Dallas Campbell on what it takes to be an Astronaut from The Curved House on Vimeo.

Richard Garriott on being an astronaut.

Helen Sharman on how astronauts communicate in space.


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