Vision and Aims


Here at Offley Primary School we believe in providing the best quality learning environment for our children to be active participants in society, responsible contributors to it and capable of achieving independence. We develop the skills that our children will need to live in tomorrow's world.



To help us to acheive this goal, we aim to plan our learning opportunities, not only to meet the objectives set out in the national curriculum, but  also to promote the children's development in one or more of the areas below.  These are known as the 'Offley Drivers'.

  • Teamwork and Tolerance
  • Developing Resilience
  • Love of Learning
  • Imagination and Critical Thinking



These are our aims at Offley Primary School:


  • To provide for the development of the whole child in intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative terms.


  • To foster a caring environment where sound attitudes to learning are nurtured, and where children will begin to understand themselves and something of the nature of their world.


  • To provide first hand experiences in a rich, stimulating, secure and happy environment where children have the opportunity to develop skills to the best of their ability.


  • To encourage self discipline, courtesy and consideration for others.


  • To work in partnership with parents to establish a relationship on which the growth and development of each child is so dependant.


  • To ensure that children leave Offley Primary School with memories to treasure.


Our Vision

We want our school to be one:


  • Where every child achieves the best they can in all areas.


  • Where children are recognised for what they CAN do, not what they cannot do.


  • Where teaching adapts to children’s different learning styles and abilities.


  • Where people respect and value each other.


  • Where creativity is nurtured and encouraged.


  • Where children are self confident, independent and take responsibility.


  • Where children participate in the life of the community.


  • Where there is a spirit of interest and enquiry about the wider world and a desire to participate in it.

Contact the School

Offley Primary

Offley Road, Sandbach
Cheshire , CW11 1GY

Tel: 01270 685355

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