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Key Stage 2

Children in Key Stage 2 use the Accelerated Reader programme as a means of promoting reading for pleasure and supporting their development in reading. At least four times per year, the children will be assessed by taking a ‘Star Reading Test’ online which gives them a reading age and a Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) – a book-banded numerical range from which they can choose their reading books. Once they have completed a book, they will be asked to take an Accelerated Reader quiz, in which they will need to achieve a score of 85% in order to pass.

The Accelerated Reader programme has a strong focus on developing the four pillars for progressing in reading: comprehension, quantity of reading, balance of genre range and complexity of texts. The children are encouraged to read texts across their full ZPD range to aid the development of their comprehension and also their pleasure in reading. 

We ask that the children read as often as possible (at least 3 x 20 mins per week) and have their reading book in school everyday as they have dedicated Accelerated Reader time to read their books.

Each term, the children are set a Reading Practice Target by their teacher which is individual to them and generated through the Accelerated Reader Programme. They can take steps towards meeting their target by completing Accelerated Reader quizzes and achieving the pass score. When logging in, the children can see their progress towards their target.  If they achieve their target, and their average pass score is 85% or above, by the end of each term, they will be included in the Reading Treat. For Key Stage 2 pupils only, this has now replaced the previous Reading Treat that was based on gaining stamps and stickers for reading at home.

Please see the documents attached for further information on the programme.


Key Stage 1 & EYFS

The children in KS1 & EYFS use phonics lessons and Guided Reading sessions to develop their skills in decoding and comprehension.  They are benchmarked by staff, as and when appropriate, to determine their bookband.  Children in EYFS are expected to read at home at least 5 times per week and children in KS1 are expected to read at least 4 times per week.  For each time they read and it is recorded in their school planner (signed by an adult), they receive a stamp.  When they complete the expected number of reading sessions per week, they gain a sticker.  If they receive 12 stickers by the end of the Autumn term (one for each week at school with an allowance of two weeks where the full reading quota may not have been met), they will be included in the Reading Treat.  This is where the children choose their activity for an afternoon at the end of the term and also receive a certificate.



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