Spellings 2020-2021

Year 2 Spellings

No spellings have been set this week due to 'Good Friday' and a celebration  day in school on Thursday. However, a spelling assignment has been set on Reading Eggs based on contractions.
There is also a good game to support this on the BBC website. Look for: Small Town Superheroes games. Here is the link: Small Town Superheroes - contracted words phonics game  


In January we began teaching Phase 6 Phonics. 

In Phase 6 Phonics the main aim for children is to develop their fluency as a reader and increase their accuracy when spelling. They will have already learnt the most often used grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs).

During this phase, children will start to spell more complex words. They will continue to work on spellings and skills which are more difficult, for example:

Using suffixes to indicate tenses

the rules for adding -ing, -ed, -er, -est, -ful, -ly and -y

Plural spelling

Using prefixes to change words



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