KS1 Spellings:

Spelling and Phonics Groups:

The children have phonics sessions in school daily and will know who their phonics teacher is. Words are sent home every Friday and will follow spelling patterns learnt in these phonics sessions. These words will then be used in a spelling test, also on Friday mornings.

KS1 Spellings:

The next spelling test will be on Friday 27th April

Mrs Clarkson's Group

Alternative oo/you

Best Bet u-e

Middle of word oo

End of the word ue/ew

June, rule, spooky, new, continue, routine, fruit, through & 2 mystery words following u-e pattern


Mrs Meyer's Group

Alternative ey and ei words.

prey, obey, survey, they, grey, neigh, eight, reins plus 2 mystery words

Miss Allan's group

Contractions - using an apostrophe to shorten words e.g. do not becomes don't

should've, mustn't, they'll, they're, must've, might've, couldn't, how'd plus 2 mystery words following the pattern. 

Mrs Jones/Mrs Harrop:

find, fin, kind, huge, use, cube, treasure, casual.

There will also be 2 mystery words.




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