Our Team at Offley Primary Academy: 2018-19

Principal: Mrs Jill Robertson

Vice Principal: Mrs Emma McLoughlin

Assistant Heads: Nikki Casey and Simon Mason


Teaching Staff:

EYFS Pre-School : Lorraine Ellis (EYFS Leader)

EYFS Reception: Rosie Rea (Allison Critchlow from Oct. 18) and Sophie Till

Year 1 - 1LM: Louise Meyer

Year 1 - 1SA: Scarlett Allen

Year 2 - 2NF: Natasha Forrester (KS1 Leader)

Year 2 - 2HJ: Alison Harrop and Alison Jones

Year 3 - 3SM: Simon Mason (LKS2 Leader)

Year 3 - 3GB: Gail Bloor

Year 4 - 4BH: Alex Bennion and Gemma Hankinson

Year 4 - 4LW: Linda Whipp

Year 5 - 5HF: Joanne Hirst (SENDCo) and Imogen Furlong

Year 5 - 5JM: Jacqui Maddox

Year 6 - 6NC: Nicola Casey (UKS2 Phase Leader)

Year 6 - 6BM: Bethany Moulton

Music Teacher - Glyn Brown-Evans

Teaching Assistants:

Selena Gray - HLTA/ Family Support Worker

Gill Clarkson - HLTA

Rebecca Clarke - EYFS Pre-School

Tanya Reed - EYFS Pre-School

Rebecca Graystone - EYFS Reception

​Duncan Shaw - EYFS Reception

Rebecca Edwards

Penny Badger

Belinda Cartlidge

Carol Waters

Wendy Peel

Julia Perry

Wendy Robson

Emma Naylor

Cassie Jackson

Suzanne Green


Site Manager:  Russ Barton

Business Manager:  Tracey Hart

Administration Officer: Claire Pennell
Administration Assistants: Sara Leydon, Hilary Woods & Meg Frazer

Midday Assistants: Mrs Painter,  Mrs Crutchley, Miss Rowlinson, Mrs Arrowsmith, Mrs Solanki, Mrs Hemmingway, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Shannon, Mrs Timson

School Cook: Mrs Gail Brotherton

The Zone Before & After-School Club staff: Kirsty Crutchley (Supervisor), Cassie Jackson (Supervisor)

Karen Innocent-Galletley, Sam Hemmingway, Joanne Bayley, Soazick Hastings, Leslie Painter, Evie Winstanley


Offley Primary Academy

Offley Road
Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 1GY

For General enquiries:
Tel: 01270 685 355

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