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Wow! An invitation from Louise Stones, a radio presenter on Radio Stoke, came in last week asking us at Offley Primary Academy to help launch a new feature on her daytime radio show. During the month of November, Louise is asking her listeners to try and answer an old 11-plus question from years gone by and it will be 20 of our Year 6 Prefects that will pose the questions!

On Friday 20th October we went along to Radio Stoke to record the questions but also had a tour of the studio and met lots of people along the way! Callum and Olivia were also extremely lucky to be chosen, by Louise, to help her to interview Candice who won The a Great British Bake Off last year. They could be heard on the radio during Louise's Friday show.

The pupils had an amazing experience and can't wait to hear themselves over the next few weeks! How many of the questions will you be able to answer?! Louise's show is live on Radio Stoke Monday - Friday 1-4pm.


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